Rebecca Minkoff Signs Handbags!!

Privet Matryoshkas! Earlier today I ended up Downtown Vancouver, and had spent the day shopping with my mom yet again. Coincidently we ran into an event where Rebecca Minkoff showed up at Holt Renfrew to sign handbags and purses. Since she is from New York, Holt Renfrew set up a NYC  like theme in the lower half of the department store. For any of you who don’t know what Holt Renfrew it’s similar to Neiman Marcus, or Austria’s famed Steffl located in Vienna. Anyways there was a taxi cab image on the wall, and free soda and pretzels were being handed out to waiting Minkoff fans.

The funny part is that we had no idea the designer would be there, until this upbeat and amazing intern at Holt Renfrew came up to us to let us know of the event. We then decided to see what the event and fuss was all about. My mom of course bought a handbag (the quilted mini affair bag in white) just so she could have it signed and Holt Renfrew threw in a free Heart Pouch (I chose the one that said Hey Cutie in mint). However just to be fair to my mom, she was looking at handbags all day today- now she has one that’s a bit more special, with a fun memory attached to it and a cool autograph.

After we had our photo moment, and I even took pictures of Rebecca holding the bag we left and then could see that so many people had shown up to the event. We were lucky to get there at such a fun and random moment!












Hehe, random moments are the best, and I hope you guys have fun, random and amazing events happen during your weekends!

– Zaychishka




5 thoughts on “Rebecca Minkoff Signs Handbags!!

    1. Awwh oh no, that makes me feel a little guilty. You know I had no idea what minkoff would look like.. I noticed her handbags online and loved the look… But didn’t know much about her or her brand.. The mom and I were just so excited ( vancouver rarely has cool things happen) to be able to see this designer and yeah.. Hopefully she will do the same thing in your city so your daughter can get a signature !!

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      1. Awh, thanks!
        I’m So happy you enjoyed it, and apparently she was here to promote her spring line.
        If any more cool things like this happen, I will definitely post about it 😛

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