Part 1: Vancouver Fashion Week Front Row


Privet!! Ah Matryoshkas I don’t even know where to begin, other than to tell you that I’ve had my first fashion week experience! I attended the event with a media pass which gave me access to some of the best seats (although me and my best friend had to hustle to get them, but the media pass let us keep them!!), and backstage access to see behind the scenes. My Media pass came from Wall Street International (who I write for once a month for the fashion section and my VFW article will be published on April 1st so check that out if you want to) I’m thankful to WSI and to Milica Mirkovic (my past editor & If you are reading this Thank you!!) Anyways before I find some way to go off topic, I ended up sitting through 23 shows at Vancouver Fashion Week, and my camera and phone are full of photos! I’ve decided to split my VFW experience into parts to make things less messy, and a lot more organized so I hope you guys will enjoy the upcoming posts. Today’s post will be about some of the memorable shows, with a mini bio of each designer, links and brief description. I also must apologize to you guys since there were no Russian or Ukrainian fashion designers at VFW! But one of the fashion designers, Atsushi Nakashima named his collection after the famous Russian satellite Sputnik,– I love the Russian influence 🙂

Haveney is one of the shows  that I loved, especially when the models walked out onto the catwalk at the end altogether. The way they looked in their flowing white gowns, with floral headpieces was enchanting, and so beautiful. (Haveney is by Marie-Laetitia Rossazza )





Nadia + Zehra are twin sisters who are Fashion Designers. Their inspiration seems to come from doing what they want, and that not caring attitude towards what others may think of you. This show was fun to watch as it was less formal. The models danced and  showed off a bit of personality instead of being so stoic, which made the people (men) in the audience go wild. Catcalling everywhere.

 “Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a FUCK” – Nadia + Zehra





Noe Bernacelli’s show can only be described as the hidden gem during Fashion Week. His dresses are elegant, both the musical score and models breathed life into his creations as I watched them come down the runway. Noe Bernacelli is a Peruvian designer who studied in Italy. By far one of my favourites at VFW! ( My best friend and I were in awe to see these beautiful clothes in person)





Atsushi Nakashima’s garments played with neoprene, double layered knits, electronic circuit patterns, cut jaquard and faux fur. The collection was called Sputnik, and was influenced by yes Sputnik the first Russian satellite that opened the space age.

Sputnik: Bearing the name of the first satellite that opened the space age, this collection develops the spacesuit genre through the mixed volumes and high-tech fabrics.”atsushinakarealltitlevfwatsushi

  Stay tuned for Part 2 Where I will be showing off some of the guests and their style!

Don’t forget to check out VFW Part 2

– Zaychishka

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    1. It was so funny! I told everyone she was my assistant so she could be with me at fashion week, and it would not have been as great without her there sitting with me and hustling for those front row seats lol.

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