Elena Perminova Post Baby & Why Are Postpartum Women Shamed?

A while  ago I was browsing for pictures that I can use for upcoming blog posts, and I stumbled across an article on MarieClaire about Elena Perminova’s post pregnancy body, and workout. Another street style star recently had her baby, and that was Miroslava Duma! (she already has a son named George, and recently welcomed her daughter Anna) Anyways, Elena had her daughter 3 months ago! She had her abs back within 60 days after her daughter was born via cesarian. Resuming her workouts only a mere two weeks after, and reportedly would not even take a day off from the gym. I enjoy weight lifting and going to the gym regularly, but Elena’s determination that got her back into her pre-baby figure has me feeling as if I should be going crazy in the gym, what excuses do I have not too? Then again Elena is a tiny person, even before her post-pregnancy body.

“Elena revealed on Instagram that ‘I started exercising just two weeks afterwards, even though I had a caesarean. There were no breaks at weekends’ giving a small insight into the work put into achieving that killer post-baby body. Elena also told a Russian magazine, ‘I ‘stand’ on my knees and elbows and lift my legs one by one, visualizing the desired result – a thin waist, provocative hips, well-turned arms.’ marieclaire

However there is something that is on my mind, and it is something we are all too familiar with, due to the media, of stories, or for those who have had children themselves. I feel as if new mothers are subject to all sorts of shaming, and I don’t understand why it happens. There are negative comments for the mommies who have rebounded to pre-baby figure, or criticisms for the mothers who are losing their baby weight slowly.Elena Perminova was the subject of negative comments on her fit body from:

‘How much time did she spend with her baby?’ to ‘why do women use pregnancy as an excuse to get fat?’ and the cynical: ‘liposuction, money, sickening.’ remarks -Marieclaire

Elena Perminova Children

Where does this shaming stem from? Are these individuals mean to the core? Is this one of their pastimes? Or do they have self body image issues, and shaming makes them feel better about themselves, but i’m sure the affect is only temporary. I do not believe that their should be a problem with any mother who has become fit fast, or for mothers who look the part of a being who has just created another human, and brought a new life into the world. As for Elena Perminova I do not see her desire to be fit as a sign that she is a negligent mother. She is fortunate that she has a wealthy husband, and family members who are there to help raise her children when she needs “alone time”. I also find that amazing that her children get to have all this love from their family.

But the point is there isn’t only one way in defining what is normal for a mothers postpartum body. She is normal if she is showing that she just had a baby, and she is normal if she found a way to get back to her shape pre-baby. Every one is different, we all have different life situations and we all have to do what we can to make the best and most of life regardless. But never ever tell a woman she is ‘fat’ after having her child, and never ever tell a mother she is negligent if her body looks amazing to you. There isn’t anything wrong with exercising when you wish, who knows they say exercise increases endorphins to make one happy, perhaps it helps combat postpartum depression too.

Elena Perminova Breast Feeding

My mother always tells me about how two weeks after I was born no one could even tell that she had a baby. She contributes that to always walking throughout her pregnancy, and eating healthy. She’s probably going to be who I go to for advice when I’m pregnant hahah. While my best friends mother says she lost the weight by wrapping her stomach and her mother who had 9 children would wrap her stomach to get back to her pre-baby shape. (old country methods) But I think moms need me time and if they choose that for exercise I think that’s absolutely wonderful, it’s a healthy choice that could benefit you and your baby. Anyways stop the shaming, new moms can come in all shapes and sizes and they are all beautiful. If you want to see more of the MarieClaire article which featured the article that I’m commenting on in this blog post you can check it out here MarieClaire “Elena Perminova’s Post-Birth Body, Dividing The Internet”. She also references how she is a seductress in the bedroom.

Elena Perminova Post Baby

11 thoughts on “Elena Perminova Post Baby & Why Are Postpartum Women Shamed?

  1. My view of healthy bodies is probably much larger than yours — I view most models as too thin. I see them here in the gym in NYC and they cannot really work out, nor do they have any muscle structure. If someone is lucky enough to be a Mommy, fabulous — I just want to hear about the healthy and sane way they got their body back. Not something obsessive. I did not read the article, but the quote you offered doesn’t seem healthy.
    (But, this is coming from a former elite athlete—not a model…I just want to be healthy. I’m not being photographed.)

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    1. Dievca I like that you give me it all, and you’re not holding back 😛 I do not idolize models who are stick thin either, and there are many who I think are unhealthy when I hear that e.g. before a VS fashion show some go on a liquid diet, or abstain from water 12 hours before the show. (or workout three times a day for two weeks) That’s what I find to be shameful in fashion. But, I’m not here to tell women they should be working out obsessively, I’m just stating what triggered the negative comments, and that it seems that no matter what a woman does she is always subject to criticisms and negativity. I don’t want new moms to think they need to workout asap, they are perfectly fine with relaxing for a while after carrying around a new life for 9 months. They deserve it.
      But if a new mom feels as if she has the energy, and wants to feel like herself and exercise accomplishes that then I’m awed by them. I also kind of believe that when Elena says she didn’t have any breaks, perhaps a 10 minute run for one day could be counted as a gym/workout day because I’ve read that she does jogg/run (we will never know the truth because I don’t see any of her gym time logged, or have found her diet plan to even consider what she did as unhealthy because I don’t have all of the facts).

      Also (imo) I don’t think she killed it in the gym all the time since she looks like the only weight she gained to begin with was all baby.You know my mom was able to loose all of her pregnancy weight within two weeks, simply because she loved walking and never ate junk food while she was pregnant.(some people didn’t even believe I was her child since she didn’t even look like she had me) I just don’t like thinking of new moms feeling badly for what they choose to do, they have so much to think of as it is.

      (And I loved your comment, and am thankful for it!)

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  2. I think you are right, but as Dievca above also mentioned, it seemed a little obsessive. It’s good to have a healthy body and you have to work for that, but it almost sounded as she was forcing herself every day, just to have provocative hips. ANd also you should take in mind that your body has to be ready for it.
    But yeah, well, if her body was ready for it and if she likes working out, than good for her 🙂

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    1. I love Dieva’s opinions and what she pointed out on the subject, I can see how this looks obsessive. I also wish that all one would have to do is just ‘imagine’ in order to get key body parts back into shape without all of that effort. haha..witsful thinking. yeah exactly, And I’m hoping that new moms understand that they do not have to jump into an intensive workout right away. I’m also wondering if Elena wanted to prevent any rumours to how she got fit so fast, hence why she may have mentioned or put stress on the fact that she worked out without breaks. I did read some negative comments accusing her of ‘liposuction’. So I don’t know, she is in the public eye so no matter what she says there are many ways to interpret what she said, good or bad. I suppose I just wanted to rant about weight postpartum and to clarify that everyone is different and that is a good thing, it’s definitely not an easy topic.

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      1. You made a good point in your post I think! And as you say, maybe she wanted to point out that she did it all by herself and not through surgery. Which could also be seen as proof that you don’t need surgery to get back into shape.

        It’s a difficult topic indeed, so good thing that you wrote about it 🙂


  3. You have brought to light several really good points about weight, body image, social status and mothering. I doubt there is any one way to look at this subject, but I am glad you are discussing it.


  4. I really like this post as it touches on a topic that concerns many women! Personally, I believe that there is nothing wrong with women who want to regain their previous figures as soon as possible, as long as their bodies are ready for frequent workouts. After all, looking fit and slim is something very enpowering for women in my opinion!


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  5. I think part of the problem is that models, celebrities and people like Elena have an army of helpers, just like you see in one of the pictures – someone curls her hair, while another person does her make-up and another person doing something for her as well 🙂 I bet she has a chief, several nannies, cleaners, maids and personal fitness instructor as well. I’m not trying to undermine her efforts or rain on her parade. Absolutely not. It still deserves praise. I’m just trying to be compassionate and see the root of those negative comments on MarieClaire. I think media, models and fashion industry set a very high standard on how a woman should look and dress. It’s already quite challenging to stay yourself in the midst of it all, and delivering and growing a baby deserves a medal on it’s own. Add the pressure of running around doing the dishes, taking care of the baby, working and doing thousands of other tasks + it is quite challenging to take care of yourself. Seeing pictures of Elena can make one angry, after the long tough day and the pressure. I hope they all love themselves just as they are. That’s what’s important and I think that’s exactly what you were trying to say with this post! 🙂



  6. Such an important topic for women. Yes, everyone is different and has to approach the issue in their own way, but I do agree so much that a foundation of self-respect, good health and fitness before the pregnancy and birth are essential. If they are there, then making the choices to maximize post-pregnancy recovery and good looks will come much more easily. Great post, and thanks for visiting my true vintage closet, too!


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