I’m On Instagram, After How Long???!!

Privet! I’ve finally made my Instagram account public in the past week. I started to put up some photos, so it’s kind of a sad instagram page at the moment. I thought it would be an idea I could easily commit to, and that is sharing photos that I take with my phones camera that are unique, pretty or unusual in my eyes (and such might not always have a place on my blog, but would be perfect for instagram + it could be something fun to share) My instagram was only ever used to keep up with all of the latest Russian and fashion news so that’s why it’s lacking in photos. Of course some old images will surface as well that have been featured on my blog. So there now you have one more personal layer to see of who I am (Zaychishka/instagrams’s :zaychishkastyle) and now I will be able to post any interesting fashion events live!!

And you will be able to still see, even if you don’t check out my instagram there is a few instagram pics that will change each time I upload a new image, to the right side of my blogs webpage! Also if you click any of the iamges that will lead to my instagram page. So If you do wish to check out my page you can either click the right side of the blog where it says instagram or manually look me up @Lyubovlyubit (this is clickable too). Yeah and I suppose this will show you that when there are times when a post hasn’t gone up, you can see that I’m still here and a post will be coming up eventually! So there you have it guys, if you have an instagram account don’t be shy, drop it in the comments below so i can like your photos or follow you! And  yes expect to see a lot of images in regards to fashion, scenery, events, and gastronomy/culinary delights (Instagram before consumption 😛 ). ETC ETC.


Have an amazing day!!


5 thoughts on “I’m On Instagram, After How Long???!!

    1. Okay I will keep you updated,
      Actually i’ve seen an increase in traffic as soon as I put up my instagram but the thing is Instagram isn’t in my ‘referrers list’ for how people can to my blog. I do however see a lot of people checking out my instagram. And maybe it’s too early to tell. Pinterest actually is great for traffic and bloglovin isn’t too bad either 🙂

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      1. No, you can set a link to your blog on Instagram ( in your bio section) you could also advertise your upcoming articles/ outfits by including a link on the photo you posted in Instagram. I just haven’t noticed anyone from Instagram checking out my blog , but people who visit my blog have gone into Instagram to browse my pictures. ( haha sorry I’ve been the worst typist atm my mind is in the clouds)

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