Ready For Spring In The City

Privet Matryoshkas! I’ve been seeing a lot of spring themed items in the city, and the bright colours are refreshing! Sometimes I hate that winter has such dowdy, dull colour palettes and things seem to match the cloudy atmosphere that looms over the city of Vancouver. So today me and the mom decided to take a trip downtown to find her dress for my cousins wedding. Since I found mine first I was able to dedicate more time to making my mom look like an elegant woman, and it was a success. She says I have great taste, and if she can walk away happy with her dress purchase then I did my part as her personal stylist. I’m relieved when I can find something for her, you know how moms can be they don’t want to spend money on themselves(they rather spend on you!), this time she finally did and I was proud of her. She doesn’t want me to post her dress up on the blog, I guess she’s like me because we’re both making our dresses a surprise for the wedding (scared someone from the family might see the dress prematurely lol). But I promise I will be showing these dresses in the near future, just be patient with me, lol!

Today was still a typical shopping trip and I had to venture into The Room, you guys know I’m obsessed with this small space that’s filled with fun items that catch my eye. Here is what I saw, as well as something that has an instagram feel; sharing a pic of that breakfast tostado I enjoyed for lunch. But, I also found someone wearing an interesting outfit today. All eyes were watching her as she walked throughout the store, it was her outfit that had garnderd her all this female attention. I watched as women shoppers stopped what they were doing to watch her, and I did the same. She had this elegance as she walked, and I’m Sorry for the blurry photos, I didn’t want her to see me taking her photos. I’ve dubber her ‘the lady in black’.

Anyways yes so I saw lots of Neon from coach, bright accessories, and blue garments everywhere! I’ve also heard that yellow is a trend for 2015, so enjoy the colour pops, the garments, the funky items and the food. What are you noticing in your cities shops and boutiques? And how many of you love to go shopping with your mom. I swear I can never shop with my friends, but with my mom I can so she must be with me at all times when I hit the shops, it wouldn’t be the same without her.

roommI can’t resist this orange handbag from Alexander wang, it would make any outfit pop. You’re wearing too much grey, throw in some orange.

room4Perfect for ‘Day Of The Dead’, no?

room5These floral pumps put me into spring mode.
room2 Love the elegant way one can look while wearing a shade of purple.room3florals and a pop of yellow

sophwebroom6New shoe loves: Anything by Sophia Webster!


Below: The Lady In Black



Eggs benny and that breakfast tostado I mentioned πŸ™‚ Yum!

Hope you enjoyed the images from my city, please don’t forget to comment, or follow my blog if you like it! πŸ™‚

– Zaychishka

11 thoughts on “Ready For Spring In The City

    1. Thanks Lena!
      I’m anticipating to see the spring outfits you will be posting on your blog for some style inspiration πŸ™‚
      I can’t wait to see what other colourful objects of desire will be making their way onto the shelves.


  1. You know, my mom is actually my personal shopper, she always finds the coolest things for me somehow. I don’t know how, but she seems to find more clothes for me than I could even do πŸ™‚ I like that a whole lot, haha πŸ˜€


    1. You’re lucky!!
      That’s awesome she knows what to pick out for you, she must have an amazing eye for clothing, style and knows what compliments your features. (I also like that when you go shopping with your mom, it’s a bonding experience too.) She must give you good advice on your outfits too


      1. I know, it’s so great! Sometimes she just buys me things I wouldn’t even have thought of, and often I completely fall in love with it πŸ˜€
        And as you say, it’s mother-daughter quality time πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha It was !!, Some of the shoes are a bit floral gone wild for my taste, but they were fun to photograph!! I’m not too sure how many others will follow suit with neon asides from coach, but I hope more do since I’m looking for some vividly blinding accessories πŸ˜›
      There’s so many trends, the beret might even attempt a come back !
      + Thanks Dievca πŸ™‚


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