My Net-A-Porter Review

Privet Matryoshkas!! Today I received a fun package in the mail of something that I ordered online. The item is my dress that I intend to wear to my cousins summer wedding reception. I’m actually a moderate online shopper, and my friend always looks at me as if i’m crazy to make such a great purchase without trying it on first. Sometimes she will say “how do you know what will look good on you” and then when the item comes to my door and she see’s me wearing the new item I bought she is always shocked that it works out for me (it can feel as if I performed a magic trick). And i’m glad that it works out of course, especially with this latest purchase.

I did quite a bit of sifting online, I looked at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom Rack, Saks Fifth Avenue, Barneys, Macys, The Hudsons Bay Company aka HBC (one of my favourite stores in downtown Vancouver), and a few other places including ASOS. (And this list might help some of you too if you are an online shopper, these are worth checking out since each place has a different type of selection)

Asos seemed to have bad reviews so I didn’t want to risk it and then I remembered the online store “Net-A-Porter as well as their cheaper site (I think it’s called The Outnet). But I preferred the reviews for Net-a-Porter which helped me decide if it would be smart to gamble with my money, and with my dress. I found a dress and within a matter of minutes the dress in other sizes was selling out fast. I got the last smallest size, and then when I went to look at the dress online again just for curiosity it was no longer available, it was sold out, and I was happy that I bought it.


Anyways, I put the lovely dress in my online shopping bag, and paid for the purchase. I got an email right away, and then after another email with my tracking number. I did pay for express shipping, since I’m impatient. I ordered the dress on sunday, and it arrived tuesday morning. It was fast, especially when you have to consider that your dress that is coming from the US, has to clear customs to come into Canada, yes that’s where I live. So yeah the doorbell rang, and the DHL guy dropped the parcel, and then I rushed to rip open it up, and try on the dress. It’s lovely, my boyfriend loves the look of it (and I think we’ll look cute dancing together at this wedding in it), my friend loves it and I can’t wait to show my mom. (And  that reminds me I have to go dress shopping for both my mom and aunt now, I have to play personal shopper it will be an experience lol.)

Anyways I give Net-A-Porter 5 stars, my dress came in a dress bag with the words “net-a-porter” written on it. I also love that the Net-A-porter site (actually a lot of sites) have a video that you can watch of the dress on a model, so you can see the movement of the outfit/dress, or how it fits. So yeah I will probably shop from them again since I didn’t have a problem. And yes my fellow canadian shopaholics they do ship to Canada. And if a website has a phone number available to customers that’s also a good indicator that they are legit, call them if you have concerns and of the web can be your best friend during the process of shopping online + with all the reviews you can look up.



17 thoughts on “My Net-A-Porter Review

  1. Great review! Thank you for sharing your experience – we all know the pros and cons of online shopping. Anyway, it´s something that I love to – though I´m always afraid the pieces I ordered might look bad on me!


    1. That is a scary thought about buying something and it not working out for you, but that’s why you also have to know the brand well, and what styles suit you before pressing ‘purchase’. The only thing I stay away from is ordering shoes online, that is something i must try on 100%.
      And well, thank you for commenting 🙂

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      1. Well, I did once and it was great! I ordered a pair of black heeled boots, military style, and they fit perfectly! Maybe it was just luck, but had I known they were not comfortable as they seemed and I certainly would not have bought them!


    1. Ooh I’ll keep these in mind 😛 Thank-You!! (maybe I will have a look tonight)
      & I’m scared my cousin might see my dress, sometimes I like to keep my dress a secret, but I might post a photo of it this week.


    1. Oh yeah I love watching the videos, just so you can see the movement of the garment.
      Hahahah!! Yeah maybe I will, I can’t decide if I will post it but I shall tell you that it’s a blue(indigo/cobalt) evening gown by Halston Heritage. (It’s no longer on the site though)
      And you know today, I actually accomplished finding my mom a dress for the wedding also (hers is a purple fit and flair, and shows some leg lol).


    1. Thank you for commenting!
      I feel lucky that I had, it’ easy to worry about online shops via the web.
      I hope you have the same luck if you do find anything you like on net-a-porter, and have a positive experience also!
      – Zaychishka


  2. Bad comments on ASOS? That is strange, as ASOS is the biggest online fashion retailer in the UK and they do ship worldwide. They are more high street fashion store rather than high-end designer site such as net-a-porter, Matches, Browns Fashion and ShopBop.
    Can’t wait to see the dress x


    1. I’ve read a few when it came to shipping, so I was a bit frightened of ordering from them.
      And true they are a different type of store (but they do have a section for wedding guest :D)
      And I can’t wait to show the dress, but I’m waiting for the right time to reveal it!! hahah
      Thank you for your comment!!


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