10 thoughts on “The Vintage Karl Lagerfeld Handbag & I

  1. Great to know a bit more about your vintage bag! It is a great way to own such a thing. I really like the 80´s structure and the simple lines with the red touch (and thank you for the close up to see the details!). Let me know how you usually wear it 🙂
    I recently saw on a Lisbon vintage market a beautiful red midi high waist skirt. It very cheap and I bought it to her previous owner you said “it was like to see a daughter leaving”.
    Great post! 🙂


    1. Actually I’ve never worn this bag out.
      when I’ve tried it on and because it has it’s own shape it is just one of those difficult pieces, it doesn’t go with any of my outfits..it almost acts like a briefcase…but not large enough to hold any of my notebooks.
      That sounds so sad, It’s funny how we can invest feelings, thoughts, emotions into the things that we own…sometimes it’s like with clothing it can remind of you of a certain memory.
      But I like that story of yours, and what she said about it feeling like seeing a daughter leaving, that it very thought provoking.

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      1. I get you, it is one difficult piece. But I’m sure you ll find a way to wear it! Let me know when you do that 🙂
        It was a bit sad. And though I get the girl – if there’s anyone attached to clothes because of all the memories around them it’s me! – I was a bit annoyed because I almost felt guilty for buying it. Anyway, it’s a great skirt and it sure is in good hands 🙂


  2. All the ‘vintage’ I have, is from my mom. A little black bag is thick leather that’s probably about 40 years old now, and still rocking, a necklace with little uneven pearls, and a silver ring with a ‘wavy’ lapis lazula in it (at least, I think that it’s lapis lazuli). I like the way they survived all these years and are now worn by me 🙂


    1. Awwh this is like a warm feeling story, I honestly love your mother has saved certain items and was able to pass them along to you, to your care. Now it’s up to you to keep them in tip top shape so that possibly one day it can be given to your future children 😉
      The necklace sounds elegant, anything with pearls, and to have a ring…jewelry lasts so it makes for amazing vintage.

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  3. I’ve see the Karl Lagerfeld “wax seal” discs on earrings and broach — I think that you bag is from the 1980’s and very unique. It’s good to be different. XO


      1. The broach I saw was on Etsy — but it looks like it sold. I think you have to check eBay, Etsy and vintage stores to get lucky….”It’s the thrill of the hunt.” ~Iris Apfel. XO

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