A Tale Of The Almost Edible Gingerbread Izba


Once again I have to say Happy Holiday’s everyone! A while back ago I let my inner child run loose as my mom surprised me with a gingerbread house that needed to be built. But before I could even build that gingerbread house, she had to make fun of the one I made when I was 7. I laughed, she laughed, and this time around I think I redeemed myself. But seriously this became a mother-daughter activity that took up one entire evening. Anyways this gingerbread home is a little bit different because it was inspired by the Russian Izba. It’s also no longer edible either since glue was used on it! If any of you are familiar with Russian folklore then you know stories that include Baba Yaga (an evil witch who lives in the forest in an Izba that’s held up on Chicken legs- yes Chicken legs). An Izba is actually a cabin in the woods, but in times when peasants were still around that was actually common for them to live in, so Izba’s are either homes or cabins- and in a way, related to the dacha. Anyways here are the results of my Russian, gingerbread Izba:







(See and this might even be what Baba Yaga’s Izba might look like, trying to lure you inside…of course this one isn’t on chicken legs…)


– Happy Holidays, Zaychishka












Izba with legs

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