Tips For Building A Better Wardrobe In 2015

I want to wish you all a belated and happy holidays (as today is the Russian Orthodox Christmas).To celebrate the occasion of a new year I’m already in the process of updating my wardrobe because 2015 is a new year, with new events coming up (and new outfits are required). Last week I was sifting through the fashion, trends, and the sales and that had me thinking that my blog needs more personal tips related to fashion and style. So this post is for anyone who’s feeling as if their wardrobe needs to be re-vamped, or if you’re feeling bored, and uninspired with what you have. Once you begin reading this you will have to keep in mind that the task of updating anything isn’t an overnight success story, and you might not have the wardrobe of your dreams within a day or week, or even a month of shopping, because I don’t encourage binge shopping. I tend to shop for 1-2 pieces of clothing at a time, and a lot of patience is required because if something is going to make it’s way into my closet these days it has to make me fall head over heels.

Holiday shopping is a hit and miss, it’s a hit because there are the sales, but it can quickly become a miss with items being picked over, your size is no longer available and you feel rushed to buy, especially if you do things online. Fortunately for me I was able to snag two lovely pieces that I loved and at the right time since my cousin sprang an engagement party on me with less than a weeks notice! After every detail was divulged about the engagement, such as did she cry while saying yes? If you’re curious: Yes she did. While the next question I had to ask was: What’s the dress code? I had never been to an engagement party before, and I was panicking about what was I going to wear. In the end I ended up pairing my new Noisy-May rebel sweater with my bcbgmaxazria pencil skirt. As for updating wardrobes, and revamping your style here are the tips I have been using:

1) Assess, And Discard If Necessary

The first step to updating your wardrobes and your closets is to assess what you have. Pick out what you love, and what you feel like is timeless and make sure not to let that go. In a way look at this step as Re-cycling what you have. When you have decided what your favourite pieces are put them front and center in your closet so you won’t forget what you already own, (plus you can use them to compare other pieces to and see what looks out of place, or what is missing). If I think I have an excess amount of tops without as many of the bottom pieces (skirts, leggings, pants) then I know that’s what I need to look for in order to shape up my closet. This can help you determine what you might need to buy when the time comes. Essentially a wardrobe update isn’t only a cleanup, but it’s more like building on what you already own.

Now here comes the hard part! This is how I often determine what should be permanently discarded from my wardrobe: If you found a piece that you haven’t worn in years ask yourself if it’s worth keeping. I tend to only discard clothing if it looks run down, outdated, or makes me question myself “what was I thinking?”.


2.). Does Your Wardrobe Have The Basics, The Essentials?

I believe to have an amazing wardrobe these pieces can really help you on your way to looking sartorial and timeless. So I suppose you can view this as a checklist. As long as you already have some of these items I think your wardrobe is on the way there, and if not then consider this list for future shopping trips.


  • The Trench Coat: Since WW1 the Trench Coat has come a long way, and now each fall and spring season it has become a reigning fashion staple. You don’t need to go out and buy Burberry to have the perfect trench. Look for a trench that cinches at the waist with a belt of sorts to show off your shape. Look for a Trench that is either khaki in colour, or is a rich, Navy.
  • The Pencil Skirt: Pencil skirts are amazing to own you can easily mix and match them with just about anything, including cropped sweaters (which I love to pair them with at the moment). I think you should at least have a minimum of two Pencil skirts (although more is amazing) and make sure you have one that is black, and another one in a versatile light colour. (I have a pencil skirt that goes with a lot of things in my closet and it’s a metallic lavender with sequins from bcbgmaxazria)
  • Blazers: Blazers are always going to be timeless. They’re a few variations of them, some are Femme and chic, and others possess mannish qualities and a relaxed fit. I think you should own both types because maybe one day you have an important event that brings out your soft feminine side, while a relaxed fitted blazer is perfect for casual days paired with boyfriend jeans.
  • The Shift Dress: Fitted or loose, the shift dress is perfect for the office, for bridal showers, engagement parties, date nights. They also pair amazingly with pantyhose & stockings
  • Something With Attitude: This could be a sweater with personality, it’s different, loud, and suits who you are. Sometimes you just need to have something in your wardrobe that shows a bit of personality. I like my Noisy-May Rebel sweater, and my Cliche cropped aztec sweater- they do the job. (And if you have an endless budget, I love Charlotte Olympia and Alexander McQueen for their accessories- because they always have this loudness to them).
  • Pantyhose: I honestly think pantyhose isn’t outdated, and is not a thing of the past. It is one of the most feminine items a woman can wear. These days pantyhose isn’t boring, sooo many brands are spicing things up and they won’t leave you looking like a babushka. Try anything by Pretty Polly, House of Holland (or the collaboration House of Holland for Pretty Polly). Plus when it’s winter and your legs look a bit paler than usual opt for beige leggings a few shades darker than your actual skin tone and your legs will look flawless all night long. Pantyhose suits shift dresses, pencil skirts etc. The possibilities are endless. (Plus this is something I imagine Ulyana Sergeenko would be a fan of- well not the pantyhose with all the crazy designs but basic beige pantyhose for sure)
  • The rest of the basics: Includes your heels, boots, accessories (purses and clutches), The little black dress, leggings, a white blouse etc.


3.). Shop For Quality

I can remember times in high school where most of us had clothing with awful quality, and shirts could barely last a full semester. Since those days are long gone, I truly value the quality of my clothing, and if I buy something I love, I want it to last a long time.

4).  The 1-2 item Shopping Rule

Now while I go shopping I never buy more than 1-2 items at a time, unless it’s an incredible shopping day where the prices are irresistible and the clothing looks even better. Typically I don’t like to binge shop, I prefer to be selective in what is about to join my closet. Pretend your clothing are animated and ask if this piece you want to bring home would be able to be friends with what you have living in your closet. aka does this mix & match well? Or do you have to shop more to complete the look. (Which can max out budgets) Also when you go shopping keep in mind it is okay to come home with nothing. remember the process of updating your wardrobe is slow, so be patient.

5) Is this Me?

Last thing to consider for the wardrobe update, look for things that suit you, and  flatter your body type. Don’t be caught in trends, or have to have an item just because your BFF has it or some celebrity. And confidence is also what really makes an outfit amazing, and if you feel like yourself and you feel confident, trust me you’re going to be the most beautiful woman/ girl/ person in the room. And enjoy I hope this helps you on your way to having the best style in 2015 and for many more years to come!


Hope you enjoyed the post Matryoshkas!!

-xo Zaychishka 


11 thoughts on “Tips For Building A Better Wardrobe In 2015

  1. That last point is a real good one, and sometimes seems to be forgotten a bit… Some things are very beautiful, but don’t necessarily fit with you, your personality or your wardrobe. And there will be a point you have to wear it outside the fitting room…


    1. Hey, Happy Holidays No Blog Intended!!!
      I agree there is a time when you do have to leave the fitting room. (side note: I never trust fitting rooms either, only my mirrors at home where I have the option of seeing the outfit in natural lighting). We can get so easily lost and caught up in trends that we can forget what is meant for us. No girl wants to look like the clothing is wearing her.


      1. Awh I don’t mind, don’t apologize !! 🙂 And Thank you! well if my post distracted you that’s a very good thing to hear 🙂
        I hope you had an amazing holiday and new years!
        What did you get up to?
        And I am finally enjoying mine now. 😛

        ( I can’t believe I flubbed on the list numbers in this post, hopefully you didn’t overtly notice that mistake..but it’s been fixed hahah…


      2. Oh, I always ignore number and ciphers, so don’t worry 😉

        I’ve been studying! Exams in January, so my holiday is dedicated to that… But there were some great family moments at Christmas and New Year, so that was a good distraction.
        And what are you upto? Besides being your fabulous self? 🙂


      3. Awwh don’t flatter me 🙂 I must wish you Good luck for your upcoming exams! It sounds like you had a busy holiday!! I had family events as well, (engagement party) and now I’m finally recovering from the stomach flu and looking forward to eating some amazing food tonight!


      4. The engagement party had sooo many people, that by the time that the boyfriend and I were walking out the door to leave (we were there for quite some time) an accordion player came in, and more people were showing up.

        There was so much food, but mainly it was a loud party 😛


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