TBT: Victoria Secret’s Sexy Russian Babes

Privet Matryoshkas, I hope you all have been doing well! I know I’ve been a bit quiet on WordPress lately, but that’s about to change in the upcoming future as I have a few special posts planned for you. I know that recently the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show aired, and I may be commenting late, but I can’t get over how the show felt ‘off’ compared to previous years. I might even be ranting today, but if you keep reading you will see that this post shifts the focus towards Victoria’s Secret 2005 Fashion show, featuring an alluring segment titled ” Sexy Russian Babes”. (Video clip + pics included, and a soviet song that was used in the segment.)

I have to rant first before I get to the good stuff because this is bugging me. Something was amiss was the show shorter than usual? Were the models walking at an unsually accelerated rate? Why wasn’t the camera allowing enough time to admire each outfit? I don’t even want to think of Ed Sheeran’s song choice for the exotic traveller segment, it didn’t mesh with the atmosphere. Not to mention another T.Swift appearance. Perhaps I’m being too critical, but I’ve been a fan of this lingerie brand for most of my teenage- and now adult years. But the Victoria’s Secret of 2005 holds a special place in my heart, as it was when I first received the VS christmas/ holiday catalog! I think I even brought it to highschool, disrupting my english class, ahhh but that story won’t be resurrected. Anyways Victoria’s Secret I think you need to take a trip to the past and restore the VS Fashion show asap. 


I remember 2005 was the last time Tyra Banks would walk the VS runway, to that impressive price tag on the Sexy Splendour fantasy bra that year. 2005 was the year when VS played with fantasy, the costumes were both opulent and edible. The segments were incredible, one that has stayed in my mind was called “Sexy Russian Babes”, which is a big part of today’s rant/TBT post (since this is a Russian blog 😉 ). Not only were Tyra Banks, and Gisele Bundchen a part of the runway event; making it memorable, but many Real life Russian babes walked the stage including the iconic Natasha Poly, starring in you guessed it the Sexy Russian Babes Segment. Eugenia Volodina and Tatiana Kovylina are the other two, but I can’t get over Natasha Poly’s look I could barely recognize her without her blonde locks, she looks so young!

Eugenia Volodina starts the segment, wearing an outfit in a vivid shade of Russian Red. The backdrop is transformed into a mock Russia with effigies of orthodox churches. But as Eugenia begins to walk the runway, the mood is set with the opening song, with the hums of  the soviet song “Plaine Ma Plaine” (Meadowland), that is turned into a mashup with Snoop Doggs “Drop It Like It’s Hot” for a modern twist. The rest of the costumes bring to life Russian military elements, the elegance of Imperial Russia, and high heeled, over the knee faux fur trimmed boots.





Plaine Ma Plaine (Meadowland) without Snoop Dogg







10 thoughts on “TBT: Victoria Secret’s Sexy Russian Babes

    1. They do have a lot of pretty women,
      but every country has it’s share of the beauties 🙂
      VS often shows off a lot of beautiful women from all over the globe, the 2005 show in particular
      had a few iconic Russian models, the lovely Brazilians (Adriana,Alessandra, and Gisele) and even Italy’s Bianca Balti.

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      1. You’re absolutely right 😉 I’m just talking overall that russian girls are pretty. I have a russian friend and she is really pretty.


  1. Where have you been!? happy New year! I watched the show, I couldn’t stop looking at the models– they are all so young… so many in great shape, so many, simply SO YOUNG! I couldn’t tell a Russian model from any other! Seriously all lovely….so lovely, I couldn’t remember a single piece of lingerie– but I remembered the boots!!!! lolz- Ret


    1. Happy new year to you too Ret! I have been so busy I feel like I’ve gone on a blog sabbatical! New years I got to enjoy the night with my boyfriend dancing the night away, and then last friday I was at my cousin’s engagement party, and now I’m battling the lovely stomach flu 😦 ahhughgh yuck ahh lol..How has your 2015 been so far?

      Those models definitely are in shape, (I’m almost envious but I hate the thought of what they must go through to look that good! ):P Hehe boots always leave a lasting impression 😉


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