A Russian Inspired Spa Day For Health

metimePrivet lovely Matryoshkas! First let me say that I do not have my own venik, and I guarantee that these Russian inspired spa, and health tips will not require a bundle of birch twigs for you to smack yourself with. I do love to give my body a boost every now and then with some ‘me time’ dedicated to both inner and outer beauty. Some of you know that I weight lift, and that also means that I try my best to eat healthy. But, I do have my bad days where I’ll eat a ton of junk food. Some of you might know how that feels to work hard in the gym and then all of a sudden you have a junk food craving and you then eat said junk food. You might even feel bad for eating poorly afterwards.

So what I do when I just feed my body junk food, I try to correct the problem by giving myself a spa day to reset and restore my health/fitness goals. I don’t believe in making myself feel bad for an unhealthy eating day (or days), instead I treat myself and that really makes me think about why I go to the gym, and my reasons for eating healthy. And yes there are a few Russian twists in this spa day posts with a few D.I.Y beauty tips (Babushka approved), + a healthy & popular Russian food option to try. To begin this spa day, you have to first realize that you can’t only treat yourself on the outside, but on the inside! If you want beautiful skin, hair, nails etc you can’t only apply masks and expect amazing results to stay permanently. You need to properly nourish yourself, and your body will then reward you. All of these tips work together for the ultimate at home spa day that will leave you feeling relaxed and healthy .

Let’s begin 😛

1.) Hydrate


You will need water! Currently I’m lugging a mason jar around filled with ice cubes and water. There is also a thing where it’s aesthetically pleasing to drink out of a mason jar. (you will feel like you’re pampering yourself). To make things more luxe-y add lemon slices, cucumber slices and/or mint. Just remember this spa day may take a while and you don’t want any interruptions, that including having to get up and get yourself some water to drink, so have it on hand.

2). The Food:


This can happen before your spa day truly begins so try eating what I’m about to mention next before you begin.Russian food can look ‘heavy’ sometimes, but there are a few things that Russian do eat that are filling with a lot of health benefits. Buckwheat is just the food, in fact it’s considered a superfood. Buckwheat is a popular dish amongst eastern europe, especially in the Ukraine and Russia. It is considered to be a fruit seed related to rhubarb and sorrel. Often this is a popular side dish served with Kotleti, it can also be made into blini, or porridge, and can be eaten alone. I of course enjoy eating this with a side of cherry tomatos for breakfast! As for the health benefits it contains: All 8 of the essential amino acids, proteins, etc it’s also recommended for athletes to eat! Here’s a link for you to read more on this amazing food ‘Buckwheat is one of the World’s Healthiest Foods’. Plus this is an amazing food option to kickstart your spa day, and is one of my foods of choice.

3). Setting Up The Home Spa


The mason jars I made for my at home spa to hold my candles

Choosing a room for your spa: I resort to making my bathroom into my temporary spa. You can set up scented candles on the counter , the bathroom is amazing since you have a bathtub in their which is the best place to do any D.I.Y beauty treatments because it will help with clean up. So bring your mason jar filled with water and you’re on your way to relaxation and feeling pampered. You’re going to be in here for at least an hour + so make sure you’re comfortable.

4).Egg White Mask/ Facial (See hair mask below & why you should save the yolk!)


Russians love to do natural beauty treatments and one of my favourites at the moment requires one egg white, separated from the yolk(Keep the egg yolk if you’re planning on doing the Russian Deep Hair Conditioning Treatment!!). This may not be for everyone, and I’ve read a few reviews where some individuals broke out severely so just be careful, maybe do a test on your skin before going crazy and slathering it all over your face. So to prepare your face I would say lay in your bath tub with hot water (to a temperature you like, I love my baths extremely hot in the winter), cleanse your face with a few splashes of hot water, & pat dry. Then use a brush, or your hands to put the egg white on your face!

Let the egg white dry, and you will notice that your face will begin to feel ‘tighter’ as the egg white dries. Some people love to let this sit for a long time on their face (30 minutes) but if you’re impatient just take it off after it’s fully dried in roughly 10-15 minutes. Then splash your face with water, use a mild cleanser to get rid of any residue or bacteria from the egg. (Handle eggs with care, try not to get any in your mouth for eggs can give you salmonella if ingested or handled improperly). Don’t forget to moisturize your face afterwards. I notice that when I use this my face becomes brighter after, if I have the odd pimple it calms it.

5). A Russian Deep Conditioning Treatment For Hair

scoop article - DIY from OWN

Combine an egg yolk, olive oil, and honey together. Apply it to un washed hair and leave it in for an hour or longer. Then wash it out with your normal shampoo.

6). Nail Care


It’s winter so your nails are also in need of some TLC so the best thing to do for them is one if you’re going to be lounging in your bathtub, afterwards you should also moisturize your nails to restore the moisture and help prevent any breakage. Fill up a bowl with a bit of olive oil, heat it in the microwave and then soak your nails for a while.

7). Try This For Bedtime Milk & Honey


To wrap up your spa day at home, right before bed time to make you fall asleep ther eis the Russian remedy of mixing Milk and honey together. First you need to put milk into a saucepan, and a bit of honey (the amount of milk depends on ho much you would like to drink) and then boil it until the honey has melted, make sure to stir frequently.

Hope you enjoyed the post :), had a relaxing day, & are continuing your health and fitness goals! Don’t feel discouraged.

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4 thoughts on “A Russian Inspired Spa Day For Health

    1. I hope you enjoyed your relaxing, treat day Ret with the delectable water 😉
      Mason jars are so addicting to decorate. I’m planning to decorate a few for the holiday season to use as a table center piece.
      (With epsom salt mimicking snow!)


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