Ushanka Weather


The ushanka is one of Russia’s greatest media icons, and an item that I tend to crush on from time to time. If you were with me last winter then you might remember that I wrote two posts about the ear flap hat : Wearing Ushankas With Attitude and Ushankas Are Just Made For Winter Street Style. This year I thought I’d revive the ushanka because 1). Fun, chic, and cute looks can be made with them. e.g. Just imagine sipping on hot chocolate in a chalet somewhere while wearing one. 2). If you’re like me who can’t pull off beanies or tuques well this may be an option for you. And 3). Both Babushkas and Russian mothers agree that it’s important to keep your head warm so you won’t get meningitis, and whats better than an ushanka at keeping your head warm? (Russians take keeping your head warm seriously)

This winter I might even wear mine out of the house. There’s something sophisticated to this style of hat, it has an old world charm, and as I mentioned you can use the accessory to enhance your winter wardrobes depending on the look you’re going for (fun, cute, chic etc). You can look like you’re calling the nordic wild, being chalet chic, or summoning Siberia’s Taiga. The options are endless. If you want further inspiration scroll down to see the street style stars Miroslava Duma, Elena Perminova and Olivia Palermo wearing the iconic Russian fur hat.

The history of the ushanka is a bit blurry, but Russian men used to wear them while hunting because the hat worked well for keeping their heads, ears, chins and jaws warm. There’s also the time when Aleksandr Kolchak introduced his version of the hat, called ‘Kolchakovka’ used during the Russian Civil War of 1918. The Red Army also incorporated the hat into their military uniform. Today the hat can have it’s moments for being a novelty, but  when the weather is cold enough you’ll see them around. I hope you guys have been inspired. Just have fun with your wardrobes, and outfits this winter!







ushanka lena mira







Have a lovely day & stay warm!

– Zaychishka

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