Armani Collezioni & Pink Champagne


The Room, October 18th, 2014.I was fashionably late, and being lead past a concierge desk concealed by a wall. A wall I have walked past countless times when wanting to take a look at the latest eccentric pieces from Moschino. I was bemused when I thought of how I never suspected another room to lay past where I was now being taken. I remember waking up that morning debating if I should, or should not attend the event I was invited to a few days prior. But, there I was late, and walking into an intimate and surreal setting (taking personal shopping to a new level for me). Less than 30 guests were in attendance (all women), sitting and whispering in hushed tones as a model walked around wearing pieces from Armani Collezioni’s Fall-Winter 2014/15 line. I was told I could sit anywhere, and I hurriedly found a seat for myself in the second row. Nearly as soon as I was settled into my seat I was asked if I would like ‘pink champagne, tea, coffee, wine or sparkling water’ I declined for the moment being. Intently I watched the models demonstrating the versatility of Armani’s collection, from well tailored pants, to jackets that could almost double as sweaters- that’s just how comfortable they are. (At this event I sat down with the Director of the Hudson’s Bay Company to talk Armani. + I took pictures, and even a small video for you guys to check out)

I began to take photos, while hor d’oeuvres were being offered “Salmon Blini?”, “Oh, no Thank you” I replied. I didn’t want to distract myself from taking photos of the event! Or else what would I have to show you Matryoshkas if I was stuffing my face, snacking away on truffles and blini? As I watched the event unfold before my eyes, I couldn’t help but notice what one guest was wearing. She stood out in a sheer black top, shoulders adorned with gold details, with black pants and (suspected) Salvatore Ferragamo pumps completing her look. By now the collection gained back my attention. Royal blues and pops of red made their appearance amongst the popular dark colour palette of fall. I could see deconstructed silhouettes, while something I can’t exactly pin point reminded me of Italy in the 1950’s, further showing Armani’s taste for refinement and timeless elegance.


As the event neared an end I turned to the woman who was sitting next to me and began to talk to her about the clothing we had just seen. She mentioned her avid love for Armani’s clothing, even pointing out to me who was wearing Armani to the event. Let’s just say I found it hard not to be envious of her as she spoke of her two closets full of Armani clothing. One dedicated to fall and winter clothing, the other to spring and summer. I also spoke to the Director, Brenda Emslie of the Hudson’s Bay Company(she was the one discussing each item the models wore, as seen in the short video), who had a sit down with me to discuss the collection I had just seen. She told me of how ‘Armani is evolving in a positive way’.

horderves armani




 The whole idea of knitted pieces, little jackets, like little sweaters, you have the look of a jacket, but the comfort of a sweater.- Brenda Emslie, Director of the Hudson’s Bay Company


 “Armani is a blend of fabrics, new, modern and technical. Bringing in fur in an ecological way. Or keeping things quiet – Brenda Emslie



long coats armani



red coatttchanel arm

Above: Doesn’t this outfit remind you of Chanel?
royal blue arm

arm length coat


arm grey back frontt

arm redThe models also let you look at clothing once more at the end of the event. I couldn’t resist looking at this red sweater/jacket with the black bow detail. And the fabric felt so soft!



…& if you’re wondering what I decided to wear!

fashion event outfit

What I wore: I had to hunt around for the photos of my dress, and cape etc. Since I forgot to take a full outfit snapshot. The above image is the quick snapshot I took on the way to the event and you can see my nails, purse and a blurb of my outfit.

Bag: Coach Signature tote in Passion berry ( it could hold my black notebook fairly well)

Dress: Costello & Tagliapietra Asymmetrical Shift dress in ‘oxblood’

Cape: Community Ionic Cape with hood.

Tights: Bebe

Nail Polish: Essie, Watermelon



Thank you for reading! & I hope you enjoyed this post, as much as I enjoyed attending, and writing about it.

– Zaychishka

12 thoughts on “Armani Collezioni & Pink Champagne

  1. Look at YOU! Getting invitations to attend Armani collection events! So pleased to see you are pursuing these opportunities and are welcomed with camera and notebook. Thank you for sharing the perspective of audience as well as designer. I love the trousers- all of them. And the Grey shearling (?) duster/coat/vest…what would one call that?


    1. Thank you!
      The guests truly contribute to setting the events atmosphere. I couldn’t neglect including a bit of perspective (from the audience, to designer). Fashion isn’t only about the collections, but of the opinion of others- the way one can feel drawn to a certain collection and dedicate massive amounts of closet space to one brand, is just incredible. In ways we can dictate fashion. I think you’re pretty spot on for the title, (I too would consider it shearling as it’s made out of sheepskin!) It’s name in the collection is the ‘Long Sheepskin Gilet’. (Imagine that paired with a solid pair of black, leather riding boots. 😛 )

      (Here’s the link to the grey sheepskin piece btw)


      1. You’re welcome!!
        Yes I can lol! Have you heard of the woman who had built a closet that cost $500,000. ( I think it was separate from her house, and had a champagne bar)
        I’ll try my best to do more posts in this way 🙂


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