Zaychishka’s Alexander Wang Prisma Emile Tote Review

alexander wang

Privet Matryoshka’s!! During my shopping trip I decided that it’s time for me to do another review on a designer piece. My lucky victim turned out to be an Alexander Wang tote. I know some of you may not be familiar with this designer, but if you are then you’re probably anticipating to get your hands on one of his collaborative pieces for H&M. Anyways the tote that became my victim is Alexander Wang’s Prisma Emile Tote in black. In the photo you can see me holding the Alexander Wang tote, and yes I’m actually wearing a navy trench coat, grey leggings, and my favourite pair of shopping walking  boots. This is one of my essential looks for fall. But this isn’t about me it’s really about the tote. Now to discuss the good and the bad to this luxe bag & more photos of it (clear front and side view).

The Totes description:

Medium Prisma Emile tote with signature prisma skeletal corners, tubular handles and adjustable shoulder strap with signature dogclip. Haircalf treated to appear wet.

The Good:

Looks good with fall inspired outfits. Including trench coats!!

It has a unique texture, and appears to look ‘wet’. Matching the description fairly well.

I like that it has some edge appeal to it.

The tote keeps its shape, as it has it’s own structural support.

The tote comes in black, and that makes it versatile.

I also like the fact that the designer included an adjustable shoulder strap.

The tote’s weight is very light, which is important to me when I happen to be looking for a handbag/tote/clutch etc I don’t want it to weigh me down. plus I always factor in how heavy the bag will feel once it’s been loaded up with my cell, makeup, credit cards etc.

I think this might make for a cool carry on for short flights.

The Bad:

I’d be afraid to wear this outside if the weather wasn’t so nice. I think i’d be afraid of the material getting ruined.

It’s very boxy, kind of reminds me of a mini I’m not sure if this could make for a great everyday handbag/ tote.

I wasn’t a fan of the way the handles felt.




 Would you buy this? & What are your thoughts?



5 thoughts on “Zaychishka’s Alexander Wang Prisma Emile Tote Review

  1. It looks a bit edgy indeed, that is nice, it’s not just a boring black bag. But as you say, if it’s raining, I too would be afraid to ruin it (and it looks like it could smell horrible after having endured rain…).


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