Zaychishka’s ‘Fun Fall Fashion Finds’

fashion find

Whoever said Fall can only happen outdoors, hasn’t seen ‘The Room’ this week. I decided to go shopping the other day, and to have a look at all the new fall items, and funky fashion creations up close. First I always enjoy when a store puts up a display of sorts, it really sets the mood, and enhances in mind visualizations for which styles look good. Two items that I came across stood out the most. These pieces can honestly make for fun conversation starters, and are clearly unique. So the two items are made by Charlotte Olympia, and follow an oriental theme. One clutch resembles a Chinese food take out box. By the way I always wish my chinese food came in these little boxes, but instead where I’m from they come in little aluminum like plates. Not cute at all.

Anyways the take out clutch is called ‘Take Me Away’ (cute, I know!!) and it’s made from Silk. The second handbag by Charlotte Olympia looks like a Chinese lantern, (Red Spherical Lantern Bag), and has a tassel and chain. Anyways both are so fun looking, and not really practical, but that’s fashion for you. Enjoy the images Matryoshka’s! & what are your thoughts?










& I would like to thank the staff at The Room for never chasing me out for taking photos of their clothing and accessories, for always being helpful, and keeping me in contact for upcoming events…with champagne lol.

– Zaychishka

8 thoughts on “Zaychishka’s ‘Fun Fall Fashion Finds’

    1. Yeah, and I’m happy it has a rich, burgundy colour. Fall can be soo gloomy, so it’s nice to be able to find a few items that can brighten up an outfit this time of year.


    1. It’s not exactly a tour 😛 but The Room is always welcoming. I went there early morning during the weekday so I could snap some photos of the items for sale that I found to be interesting.I was lucky that I had the store to myself. But, I did get invited to an intimate Armani Collezioni event (& I attended that over the weekend). That post will be up soon. And it definitely is wonderful to be welcomed.

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