TBT: Elena Perminova’s Couer Sauvage

tbt wild savaghe

Privet! There are days that call for the release of the feral, and inner ‘couer sauvage (wild at heart)’ version of yourself. If you want to inject a fierceness into your look without doing anything permanent like…say a tattoo, tribal inspired style choices are it. Today’s Throwback Thursday post is inspired by a look Elena Perminova was seen in moments after the Giambattista Valli fashion show in 2012. Elena’s fringed sweater compliments her tiger print dress. You know the fringed sweater reminds me of a lions fur right down to the magnificent mane from a male lion. As for Elena’s facial expressions they’ve been transformed into something predatory, and I love it. My guess is she’s on the hunt for a new fashion find. And..here’s a question for you lovely matryoshka’s I’m curious what’s your outfit of choice to wage war in when you’re feeling wild? 

Fringed Sweater and Tiger Print Dress, Outside Giambattista Vall



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