Casual Sunday: Peplums & Natalia Vodianova

casual sunday

Fall, the time when leaves begin to leave the trees, covering the ground as a precursor to the blanket of winters snow fall. For some fall is a favourite season. It’s surreal to see the changing colours in the trees that line the streets. While the subtle chill lingering in the air brings with it a sort of nostalgia, and memories of the first time when I drank a pumpkin spice latte (Yes I drink those!). Well Matryoshka’s summer is over, but Casual Sunday’s are not! Time to bring out your fall fashion crushes and enjoy the new season while it lasts.

This Casual Sunday style inspiration is from a look worn by Natalia Vodianova, the Russian supermodel and founder of the Naked Heart Charity.

 What you need to get the look:

The versatile, and always a favourite for fall fashion: an infinity scarf, Jeans, and A peplum ribbed and fitted sweater.(I have a top from BCBG that let’s me cinch it at the wait to create a sort of peplum style, it’s wool- so if you guys have something that is mohair, or a sweater that lets you cinch it at the waist..that can work nicely too.) As for the footwear, ankle boots, knee highs, – ahem boots in general with skinny jeans will complete the look. My favourite pairing colours for fall are navy tops (instead of black if you have brunette hair), paired with lighter blues, and whites for the accessories. Anyways, I love this look, it’s cute and obviously casual. 😛


20120530moscowpurepeopleru01Love her cute street style


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