Spouses Of The Russian ‘it’ Girls

Why is she/he with her?” I feel like this is one of those thoughts our minds gravitate towards  when we walk past a couple on the street. The same thought occurs when we see a celebrity, or in this case a Russian style star. But, this post is a little different since the Russian it girls are often photographed alone- I’m just here to satisfy your curiosity of who the Czarinas have married/ coupled up with. So if you’re curious to see who’s footing the bill for (some of) their elaborate wardrobes- read on to unveil who these prince oligarchs are. Are they stylish? Rich, or famous perhaps?

Just a side note I couldn’t find an image for Anya Ziourova’s husband, and I don’t think Vika Gazinskaya is married- so you will only get to see the faces of three of the five Russian it girls husbands. And, be prepared there are a few Cinderella tales in here.

 Elena Perminova:


Elena Perminova’s husband is named Alexander Lebedev. He saved her from Prison, and now they have three children together. She’s just one of the many Russian women to have a happy ending, a la cinderella. Harper’s Bazaar has an article about Elena’s early life, and how she met Alexander Lebedev. Full article: Elena Perminova’s “A Cinderella Story”- Harper’s Bazaar


Ulyana Sergeenko


Ulyana Sergeenko is married to business man Daniil Khachaturov. She met him in the waiting room of a dental office. She too had a rags to riches tale.

ulyana sergeenko husband

 Miroslava Duma


 Miroslava Duma married Aleksey Mikheev in 2005. He is an entrepreneur working at the ministry of trade and industry. She met him when they were both 20, and while Mira Duma was studying economics and international relations at Moscow’s State Institute of International Relations. I’m not 100% if this is what Aleksey Mikheev looks like since he likes to keep his personal life private- including his photo’s.

 Hope you enjoyed the light reading


5 thoughts on “Spouses Of The Russian ‘it’ Girls

  1. Sometimes, we meet people under the most unexpected circumstances, and we make things work despite ourselves. A rags to riches story, a May/December romance…doesn’t matter as long as both bring something interesting to the dinner conversation…


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