Miroslava Duma’s Chic Pregnancy Style Tips


I was wondering why the street style star was wearing a lot of outfits that seemed to cover her from head to toe, namely the poncho’s she was wearing a few months back. Now it all makes sense as Miroslava Duma is expecting her second child, and is still showing us how to be chic on the streets. The majority of these looks are from Paris, London, Milan and New York Fashion Week, and she’s teaching us that comfort is in.

Here are some of the maternity style tips, inspired by Miroslava Duma:




Footwear: Lately Mira Duma has been opting for the trainer/sneaker trend that has been popping up. Which is amazing for those who love comfortable footwear, or are expecting and no longer find high heels to be your best friend. Comfort is of course one of the most obvious style tips for expecting mothers- and if you are not a fan of being seen in Nike’s, you can be like Mira and opt for one of the ‘sneaker/ heel hybrids’ from Christian Dior’s Fall 2014 collection.


Shape: With pregnancy your body is going to take on a different shape, and in the process it is possible to show off your waist, by wearing a fit that is tighter in the middle.



The next style tip to follow, inspired by Mira is Pattern Play- where something loud, with stripes, or bold colours to make baby bumps blend in, if you want to hide your stomach to prevent the dreaded stranger stomach touching. And if you don’t want to hide the bump patterns are amazing at showing off how fashionable you can be.






Length is the next tip, whether it’s a maxi dress or a long coat, length is amazing for a relaxed, comfortable style. length works amazingly when you stick to the same colours throughout your outfit.






& although this is not a quote from Mira, it’s from her friend Anya Ziourova on post pregnancy style tips :

Q:Just a couple of weeks ago you gave birth to beautiful Akulina, and a few days later, you looked as if you never even had a baby! Can you give us some tips on how to dress post-pregnancy?

A:For dressing right after giving birth, my advice would be to stick to outfits similar to what you wore while you were pregnant. In my case, those were men’s style shirts and loose tops. Although when it gets comfortable, maybe you can add some high heels! – Any for romy and the bunnies



One thought on “Miroslava Duma’s Chic Pregnancy Style Tips

  1. Well, there are so many rich people in the world, yet most can never attain elegance, while Mira makes whatever she is wearing fit her in an incredibly stylish way, regardless of the brand name. And this is all that matters, right?!

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