Update: Pitchouguina’s Whimsical SS 2015 Collection

ss 2015

Privet Matryoshka’s! Pitchouguina’s latest collection for Spring Summer 2015 is for the whimsical girl. It’s playful, and looks so comfortable. Pitchouguina’s collections often draw inspiration from every day moments, and the little ‘things that can easily go unnoticed’. What I love the most when I look at the details of the collection are- well first let me say that each one of these pieces are so beautiful, and feminine and I can honestly picture seeing someone wearing any one of these on a romantic walk, out with friends, to even belonging to a girl who is a summer time jetsetter. I also adore her use of a soft and clean colour palette with pinks, whites and blues. Pitchouguina has also put her own twist on stripes- they aren’t overbearing, which stripes can be notorious for, instead this re-imagined take on the classic trend is subtle.



‘The collection is full of linens, dotted light cottons, shiny wovens and silk organzas in off whites, corals, and different shades of navy and blue. Occasionally pieces are decorated with beautiful japanese DELICA beads embroidery and heavy thread daisies. As each season inspired by fabrics we worked with a mix of heavy weight and medium weight linens was our top choice for summer. From that moment on adding additional light and crispy fabrics comes naturally while creating feminine, charming dresses, skirts, cropped tops and variety of raglan sleeve designs.’ – Pitchouguina 












Photographer: Emma Pilkington

Stylist: Marina de Magalhaes

Make Up: Aga Make Up Pro

Model: Paulina @ Rebel Models

Sighhhh, this collection is already making me miss the summer, and it hasn’t even come to an end yet.

– Zaychishka

Website & more about: Anna Pitchouguina

6 thoughts on “Update: Pitchouguina’s Whimsical SS 2015 Collection

    1. I’d love to skip the cold season too, I dislike when the daylight is replaced by what feels like night is forever, and you rarely have enough time to spend in the sun- if any is even in the forecast. lol, but that is true boot season is always something to look forward too.


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