My Dress Review : Dsquared2’s Embroidered Cotton & Lurex Dress

funshopPrivet Matryoshka’s I know this has nothing to do with Russian/Ukrainian fashion, but it’s a review post on my own style tastes, and on a particular dress I tried on. Dsquared2’s embroidered dress enchanted me when I first laid my eyes on it. I walked past it a few times, noticing other luxurious garments around me, but it was this dress I wanted to try on, because it drew me in. There was something that appealed to me, the embroidered details looked and felt equally nice when I ran my hand over the black detailing. In the end the dress did not make the trip back home with me. This is a review of a dress that made me change my mind in the change room.

Dsquared2 is an Italian brand, and I respect and love the Italian fashion houses, even the Russian it girls can’t get enough of Italian luxury goods. So it’s not surprising that Dsquared could come up with garments you’d wish to own. Dsquared2’s embroidered dress was something I mentioned I had to try on and so I did, and here is what I did and did not like:

IMG_2527How the dress looked when I first saw it.

What I liked:

The look of the dress is visually stunning, especially when you see it on the hanger. The black and white combination draws you in, but it’s that embroidered detail that would seal the deal. I couldn’t get over how the details felt, and that it has a very upscale look to it- it’s classy- and when you try it on it’s nothing like the pictures you see,  especially not the runway image I included below (The dress has more length). However this dress has a hidden mystery to it, one that you cannot see during  your first inspection.  I also liked the fact the dress was not made of awful materials such as taffeta, or polyester in any way (I’m not always a fan of the shine from these fabrics, it takes away from the quality). The dress is made from cotton and lurex, +another nice thing about the dress is that it is Made in Italy. I still can’t get over those details!!!

What I didn’t Like:

The mystery to this dress is actually about why Dsquared2 found it necessary to add ‘side paneling’ to this gorgeous dress, which can ruin the dress for potential buyers, depending on your bodies shape. You see when I tried this dress on I instantly noticed a thickness in the sides that took away from my own body’s shape. The sales lady mentioned that this is something most of her customers complained about when they too tried on the dress & the majority agreed this dress was not ideal. I think this dress would be absolutely perfect for individuals who are waifer thin, lack curves, or a shape- since the dress will give you know the concept of stuffing a bra to have”big boobs”, well this dress gives you faux hips. So for me the entire side paneling threw me off, and made me walk away. In short I wasn’t a fan of a dress that thought it was wearing me with it’s own shape, and stiffness.





Hope you enjoyed the review, who knows maybe I’ll review more dresses in the future 😛


5 thoughts on “My Dress Review : Dsquared2’s Embroidered Cotton & Lurex Dress

    1. Hehe well for the runway they do alter things so the garment in question will look perfect on the models. Haha I would never wear something so short either, if it came as is off the runway like that.. I think it’d end up in the stores lingerie department.


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