What Would It Be Like To Be A Russian it Girl ?


Last week I went shopping, and had some fun trying on a dress by Dsquared2, I thought to myself instead of oogling something from a far it makes more sense to just try the object of desire in question on- & you know that can lead to two results: One you try it on and it fits like a glove; meaning it’s coming home with you regardless of the astronomically high price tag, or that the dress has become less desirable, this is the preferred, and rare option you secretly are hoping for to spare your wallet. But my recent shopping trip fed my curiosity & not the cashier; and I asked myself ‘What would it be like to be a Russian it Girl?’

As I stood in the change room, trying on the dress, I felt the luxurious fabrics, and looked into the mirror to further inspect the details that went into the dress’s making. I began to wonder what it would be like to try on luxury labels on a regular basis and have my pick, & to have that feeling  when you are unboxing couture goodies from; Chanel, Versace, Prada, and A creation by either Ulyana Sergeenko, or Valentin Yudashkin. If you could have a moment of living a frivolous lifestyle, how would you enjoy the ‘moment’ as being a Russian it Girl?


If it were myself who would get to try out life as a Russian it girl, I would sample the experiences from all of the Czarina’s lives, so that when the ‘being an it girl moment ends’, it would leave me with a lasting impression, further inspiration, and knowledge. Now here are the rules to the game to make it tough- you can pick a minimum of 3 experiences per it girl, So what experiences of theirs would you choose? Here are mine:


Elena Perminova:

1. I would vacation like Elena, have you seen how she vacations in Umbria, the Maldives, and her latest Kenya excursion?

2. I’d  have one of her street style moments and be photographed in the Metallic Burberry trench she looked amazing in, with her platinum hair.

3. I’d be like Elena who gets to have items gifted to her from designers, and have fun unboxing them!! (and have her endless budget in case you weren’t gifted a certain item you want)  hehe.

Ulyana Sergeenko:

1. I’d try on all of Ulyana’s couture gowns, and only one of them would be worn out to a fancy evening dinner party.

2. I’d love to throw a Fashion show in Paris, the experience would be something you would never be able to forget.

3.To be able to be a fashion icon who inspires many of us who have fashion & style blogs.

Miroslava Duma:

1. I’d attend luxury parties the way Mira does! I can never get over how beautiful her dress was that time she went to Vogue Russia’s 15th Anniversary Event.

2. I would love to be in charge of Buro 24/7 for a day 🙂

3. To be able to sit front row at fashion shows.

Vika Gazinskayay:

1. I would love to know what it’s like to be a Russian designer who became a success in Europe for her designs that are often childlike inspired, and look so fun to wear.

2. I’d try one of Vika’s famous hair cuts. Bring on the asymmetrical and short bobs.

Anya Ziourova:

1. It would be fun to scope out all the latest trends, and couture items & have the luxury to do so in person.

2. To be able to meet well known designers.

3. To be able to shop all day!!!


As for the dress, it never came home with me, I stepped out of the black suede heels from the stylist, and took off the dress so it could be put back for all to admire, and a chance for it to find a forever home.

Feel free to play the game in a post, or in the comments below- or feel free to talk about what you would do if you were a it girl .

– Zaychishka




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