What’s Cooking In My kitchen: Just Two Simple Summer Recipes


Privet Matryoshka’s!! One of the things besides the gym that’s been occupying my time is cooking for the family. I always get asked the question “Can you cook dinner..” I’m sure most of you share a similar problem and that’s figuring out what to cook on a day to day basis. I’ve been lucky this week that my house even had the ingredients that I needed, & that there was actually some food that I could put to use to show off my culinary skills, and keep the parents happy. I really love cooking in the summer, there is more variety in the markets, and on the store shelves, –  Another good part to summer cooking is that you can get away with making light meals, and snacks.

However when I do cook I also love to make things look fancy, or “artisan”..so these two recipes kind of look like you put some time into them, but really things could be made in 15 minutes tops…so this could be something for you to try out if you have guests coming over and you need food that pairs well with wine. Perhaps this will give you a new spin on your future wine & cheese parties. Oh, and yeah I’m completely obsessed with working with goat cheese atm, yep. Soft, unripened, cheese from a goat. You can do so many things with goat cheese, – that and fresh herbs are the theme throughout this post.



D.I.Y: Herb Marinated Goat Cheese


This herb marinated goat cheese recipe can be used as a spread, or go on foods crumbled. Some suggestions that I know would make your tummies happy is that if you have fresh fruit on hand like apples, or figs, and nuts- what you can do is heat up bread in the oven, and then use the herb goat cheese as a spread for the bread, and serve the fresh fruits on the side. It’s simple, and healthy, and perfect for entertaining guests. I also want to say that this little D.I.Y goes well with the next recipe included in this post.

Ingredients for making the Herb Marinated Goat Cheese:

Soft, unripened goat cheese.

A few Fresh basil leaves


Minced Garlic

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Red onion slices


A Roasting Season blend

Ways-to-Use-FigsPut those figs to use 🙂


Simply put olive oil down in a glass container, add just a touch of minced garlic to the olive oil, as well as the spices and herbs you love. You’re essentially making a bed for the goat cheese, and after you are done putting the spices/ fresh herbs on the olive oil layer, you can add the goat cheese in chunks, and then mix it gently. if you want to add more touches of spice and olive oil you can do so at this point, just to make sure the cheese is more covered. Once you’re done close the container and let the goat cheese take in the flavours of the fresh herbs and spices. ( you can use any spice you have, or herbs- it’s up to you, and what type of flavour combinations that you love- just don’t over-do it  and Voila!!)

Pizza Margarita A La Tannour Bread:


(Middle eastern flat bread, made in a clay oven called a Tannour)

I really like to make pizza on flat bread, in this case I chose  Tannour bread (it was just laying there in the freezer) Tannour is a middle eastern flat bread that is made in a clay oven that is called a “Tannour”. I like the texture, flavour and the “bubbles”.


Tannour bread/ flat bread

Soft and unripened Goat cheese, – the herb marinated version works so well with this recipe.




Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Garlic Powder


 Brush olive oil onto the bread first, then spread a bit of parmesan cheese on it with some of that garlic powder too. Then Throw on thinly sliced, diced, chopped 9whatever you prefer) tomato’s. Now if you happen to love spinach..but you know that not everyone is a fan of it..just rip it up into smaller pieces and put it onto the bread. Then throw on the herb marianted goat cheese. Then throw the made up “pizza” into the oven at 350(f) degrees, for 10 minutes just so the bread will remain soft. I think olives would also be amazing for this, – just see what you have in your fridge and go for it, this recipe can be altered to your preferences. Enjoyy 🙂

I know this blog dedicated first and foremost to fashion, but I also want to make sure that any of you who are reading what I put up also know that fashion and food can be “besties”. Most importantly you need food, and if you nourish yourself properly, you won’t only be healthy and happy, but you will also look amazing in anything that you choose to wear. &… I hope you enjoyed these simple recipe ideas.

– Zaychishka


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