There’s More Than One Way To Enjoy Russian Tvorog

Privet Matryoshka’s!! I hope you are hungry because I have a snack & recipe post for you. Today’s Russian recipe post is all about enjoying Tvorog in a variety of ways, it also goes by the name ‘Russian farmers cheese’ and pssstt it’s a wonderful thing for any of you cheese lovers out there. This particular cheese is considered to be healthy for you ( it contains 16-18 g of protein per 100g) while being versatile enough to satisfy your cravings whether you have a sweet tooth, or enjoy savoury dishes. 

Of course it all depends on how you wish to incorporate this Russian culinary delight into your life. Now to downplay the mystery behind the Russian superfood, and to give you a much better explanation of what it’s from the same family as cottage cheese and quark. Or you can just look at is as ‘concentrated sour milk with whey separated from curd.’

The Differences between the Cheeses!d0bad0b0d0bbd0b8d0b1d180d18bFrom Leftt to Right: Cottage Cheese, Tvorog, Quark Photo from the healthyhappyhelping blog.

The cheese snack is popular in Russia, and most will eat it at breakfast for it pairs well with jams, honey, and other fruit toppings. If you are looking to sample the best Tvorog in all the land, then you must ask your Babushka to make it for you politely :),- if you do not have a babushka to call your own then you can find it in Russian markets, or check out your local European deli. And if you are simply feeling adventurous there is a recipe provided so you can make it yourself.


So what can you expect and love from eating Tvorog. The best thing is it can be made into desserts, such as fillings for cakes, it can be made into Syrniki (Cheese pancake/ curd fritter), or simply you can just enjoy it with toppings (I usually love eating this with crushed pineapple- works well with Cottage cheese too), or you can eat it on it’s own.. there are so many ways to enjoy it depending on your own personal preferences. Plus I hope you have fun with these idea with how you can enjoy Tvorog in more than one way, I thought some of these Russian recipes looked kind of neat + some have a bit of food fusion. Perhaps I’m spooning Tvorog into my mouth right now, while trying to type this post with one hand. Hehe, Happy Eating Matryoshka’s 🙂


Recipe for you to make your own Tvorog 


Syrniki (tvorog pancake) Recipe & don’t forget to serve this with sour cream at the side, but if you have a sweet tooth;  jams, honey, and/or apple sauce works too.


Tvorog Cake Cream Filling + 4 layer Cake Recipe


Tortilla and Tvorog Recipe

441044B0440043D0438043A04380_zpsbd987719Vatrushka/ khachapuri Recipe  (This is dough stuffed with cheese)

tumblr_mhafi8Qmrc1qcj4k6o1_1280Tvorog & Honey

imagesTvorog and Strawberry

d182d0b2d0bed180d0bed0b3-d0b8-d0bcd18fd182d0b0Tvorog, olive oil and cracked pepper



7 thoughts on “There’s More Than One Way To Enjoy Russian Tvorog

  1. Thank you so much for this! I am definitely going to give ‘Tortilla and Tvorog Recipe’ a go but might have to use cottage cheese and I doubt I can find Trovog here in Malaysia.


  2. Thanks for this, but would be good to add that this particular cottage cheese is not any special russian thing. It is in regualr use in Poland, Ukraine, Belerus, Estonia and problably all the rest Baltic coutries. Just to know 🙂


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