Lana Siberie: FOUNDATION SS 2014 & GROWTH AW 2014.


When I look at Lana Siberie’s Foundation SS 2014 collection my thoughts are instantly transported to the top of the Acropolis, with the worn marble at my feet- but don’t consider this collection to be an ode to Greece in any way, that is just one of my old traveling memories re-surfacing. The jacquard technique, and the pattern of each sweater embodies a natural look of stone, to heavy slabs of marble. A look that only the bold and fierce could pull off. And inspired by Iulia’s childhood growing up close to the Mir mine. Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Iulia Filipovscaia the designer of the label LANA SIBERIE, I wanted to incorporate her collections into that post but it turned out to be so long, so here is part two.

What makes Iulia stand out as a designer is that she is also an artist. That’s what’s lovely about fashion, it offers a different method for creative outlets to transpire. An individual can put their deepest thoughts, or nostalgia into their garments, and the outcome is something unique, with a mysterious story waiting to be unearthed. I learned that Iulia grew up in Siberia with the Taiga(forest) close by. In Growth aw 2014- the Taiga is the main inspiration, a place known for its iridescent colours of pearl, emerald, brust and sand. In Growth it’s hard not to imagine the smell of pine needles, or shake off thoughts of the winters cold, and an image in mind of a landscape covered by thick, snowy blankets.

Screen shot 2014-07-20 at 8.35.05 PMFrom LANA SIBERIE’S instagram

There is a reason that each of these collections are made to make the wearer fall in love with the comfort and warmth they bring- legend has it that once you put on one of these garments you’ll be transported to the Siberian wilderness. I’m kidding, but I think that would be a fun experience, to be surrounded by an unspoiled, natural beauty. As for these two collections there is depth, and this is not only a matter of fashion, but art, so tell me what do you see, or even feel when you look at each of Iulia’s garments? + I love that her label is inspired by her mom, Svetlana. and named after her Svetlana= Lana and Siberie is the french word for Siberia.

& you can check out the interview post by clicking: Iulia Filipovscaia ‘Clothes Are Another Way Of Communication” so you can learn more about the designer behind these bold collections.

And her items are available through LN-CC.

Foundation SS 2014



I use mixed media and like tactile things. I collect different materials. It could be dried flowers, different kind of papers, fabrics, anything that grabs the attention. Then I create pieces of artwork of them and I’ve been doing that more and more.

I approach my work intuitively and given it is found materials I work with to create collage it is a lot more lets say “natural” of a process. – Iulia during the interview.



GROWTH AW 2014, a continuation from FOUNDATION SS 2014. Inspired by nature, and the eastern Siberian landscape. An ode to the Taiga.

Growth AW 2014










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