Casual Sunday: Miroslava Duma & The Maxi


I’m not a big fan of maxi dresses, which I’m sure is making you wonder why this Casual Sunday post is about the long dress style( I don’t own any- yet so maybe that’s why :P). I do however love it as an option for hot summer days when you’re bloated, or don’t feel like showing off your legs. Or yes— if you just want a more feminine style with added length. But I really love this style for expectant mommies to be. When Miroslava Duma was pregnant with her son George she wore a lot of cute outfits, but she also wore quite a few maxi dresses.

And who could blame a pregnant woman for wanting the comfort the style allows you to have?? With this you have the length to cover up bloated legs, or swollen ankles (if you have days like that), and you do not need to wear heels. Plus the look can be for casual days, or for a sexy date night out with your hubby before baby. Well I guess this is for you mommies to be. You can look cute and fabulous, while beating the summer heat. (okay maybe this was too obvious for a pregnancy style tip/ post.)

* If you are not an expectant mommy to be, Maxis are perfect to pack for  vacations. Imagine yourself in Greece, I think a Maxi can let you pull off a modern Grecian goddess style that you can pose for pictures in; with the Acropolis in the background.*

Vika-Gazinskaya-and-beautiful-pregnant-Miroslava-DumaVika Gazinskaya and Miroslava Duma





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 Enjoy your week matryoshka’s

– Zaychishka

6 thoughts on “Casual Sunday: Miroslava Duma & The Maxi

    1. I can’t argue with that. I know those are two completely different things, but bloating can really make a girl feel miserable!
      Hehe thanks for the hugs Ret ❤


  1. Actually I was thinking of buying a maxi skirt for the summer… If it’s the rights fabric, it looks so beautiful when you walk. I can get very happy when seeing for example satin move, hahaha 😀


    1. That’s the lovely thing with fashion.
      Not only do you get to look sartorial, but you can enhance the way you walk, just by buying pieces that have mobility. Like with Ulyana Sergeenko’s pieces… to catch a glimpse of her catwalk- each garment moved a certain way with such elegance.
      & I hope you buy this maxi skirt that you have your eyes on because it sounds pretty, and it would probably be nice for a romantic stroll 🙂


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