En Scène Paris Fashion Week


When Paris Fashion Week rolls around you know that means it’s time for paparazzi and bloggerati alike to show off the latest street style looks from those who own the concrete catwalk. But this time I’m seldom a fan of what my favourite Russian fashion pack selected to be voluntarily photographed in.

Perhaps I’m being too critical. I guess I just don’t understand why Elena decided to go all out with a western theme, or what Miroslava Duma saw in her floor length camo printed trench (she wore it to Ulyana Sergeenko’s Paris fashion show). I do however love that Mira was a little bit more casual, she even incorporated the same pair of grey jeans in two different- but also very similar style poncho-esque outfits. I think i’m more impressed by Anya Ziourova’s look, it suits the streets of Paris the most, and that leather jacket added a nice amount of edge to compliment her dress. Which looks did you love, or not love as much?

Fotor0709144540Miroslava Duma showing off length from midi, to floor. + I do kind of like her Louis Vuitton.

Paris-HC-str-RF14-8297Vika Gazinskaya showing off a new hairstyleFotor0709144640

Elena Perminova’s 1920s flapper fever to western chick outfits. (I do love those black heels.)

Paris-HC-str-RF14-8182Anya Ziourova: I’m voting for this look


5 thoughts on “En Scène Paris Fashion Week

    1. I know, it’s sad right?? lol
      I ended up seeing an image of Elena Perminova later at Paris fashion Week- it almost made up for the cowboy fiasco.

      and Spasibo Natella 😛


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