Casual Sunday: Dressing Down Like Ulyana Sergeenko


Privet Matryoshka’s! Happy Casual Sunday. I’ve been sifting through so many images on the web trying to find something that shows off Ulyana Sergeenko wearing something that can be called casual. And Surprise! I’ve found at least four images that fit most of my casual criteria, ahh, but be easy on me- I know heels are not supposed to be here, but keep in mind this is Ulyana Sergeenko, the style icon we love for wearing things that are far from being considered dressed down…like…skirts with volume, & all things couture. At least two of the four looks included involve jeans. Da, jeans.


Often I’m used to seeing Ulyana looking as though she doesn’t exactly come from this time period, like in the image above. Anyways enjoy the casual looks 🙂


For this particular look it’s perfect for chilly summer days, you can always wear a nice distressed pair of skinny jeans if you want the look to play off more of beachy vibe. Somehow I just prefer to pair heels with skinnys. The Skinny jeans + heel combo are a match made in heaven they often elongate your legs, and will make ankles appear more dainty, opt for a pair of pointed heels, instead of a round tip for this look.(Like with this outfit I’d wear my Sam Edelman ‘Orly’ mid heels they are comfy, simple-classic and make my feet and legs look amazing)  Trust me on this. 

Below: A Similar style to Ulyana’s grey T with a pair of skinny jeans. aka “making it acceptable to waste hours playing with polyvore” – and there are the distressed jeans I mentioned that could make the outfit a little bit more summer appropriate.

Screen shot 2014-07-05 at 3.55.39 PM


Okay this isn’t exactly a look that I’m encouraging you to take out while you have to finish your last minute Sunday tasks, but if you are having a lazy Sunday, and you don’t want to get out of bed, lounging in your favourite oversized sweater works well. Plus if you get a call to go out, slip on a pair of jeans, add some fun bright accessories and voila when you finally go back can revert back to only wearing your cozy sweater, until you manage to put on your pyjama’s.


This look is more for the end of summer, when the fall is starting to set in. A beaniue and army like boots are definitly cozy, and if you are in the mood to inject some attitude into your Sunday look, well this is how to do it.


This is the last look of Ulyana Sergeenko looking casual that I could find, and it’s obviously for the fall. Love the way she makes high-waisted look chic, and not babushka’d. Last but not least match your accessories to your lipstick- simple changes go far.


First I hope you enjoyed seeing a different side of Ulyana Sergeenko’s wardrobe, and that maybe now you can feel like it’s possible to dress like her lol!! And, don’t forget check out my previous Casual Sunday Posts, there’s more options & more looks for you to enjoy…that are hopefully simple enough for you to try, without breaking the bank.

Irina Shayk & Arthur Kulkov Style: A Look idea for both men and women matryoshka’s to enjoy ( Irina’s showing off beige with a killer tan, while Arthur is showing off his casual style when he’s not modelling )

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Irina Shayk’s Orange Crush (This look puts the focus on Orange mixed with neutrals for a look that pops)





2 thoughts on “Casual Sunday: Dressing Down Like Ulyana Sergeenko

  1. To babushka is my new favourite word! 😀
    I like these pictures, she’s of course a very beautiful woman with apparently a very nice style. And I’ve always believed that heels were casual for East-European women, because they can walk in them like they’re All Stars! Which I admire 🙂


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