Casual Sunday: Irina Shayk & Arthur Kulkov Style


Privet Matryohska’s, how were your weekends? It’s Sunday and I’m feeling lazy, and of course casual!! Today is all about two Casual looks, one from Irina Shayk, and the other from the Russian male model Arthur Kulkov. It’s amusing to see models when they are in casual looks because we’re so used to seeing them dressed to the nines. Irina Shayk’s casual looks never shock me because she always looks amazing. Arthur Kulkov on the other hand shocks me, because he really knows how to dress casual, sometimes too casual.

Irina Shayk’s look is all about beige shorts and tan lines- what’s best about her look is that since it’s so basic, you can easily make this into an outfit of your own. Add a pair of neon sandals here, a bright purse there, and bring along a cardigan for good measure. Instant simple, casual look for a lazy sunday. Plus a beige and white combo is always lovely for summer.

As for Arthur Kulkov’s look, this is for the men out there who are hungover this Sunday, and if you have to run to the grocery store, or see your girlfriend, but you don’t want to leave your bed- the least you can do is wear your most comfortable outfit, one that requires your sweats, a pair of cool Nike kicks perhaps, a light weight shirt- and a T, and most importantly a pair of shades- it’ll almost feel as though you never left the bed, because comfort wasn’t sacrificed for this outfit. Well hungover men, I hope you enjoy the Arthur kulkov inspired look. lol




Screen shot 2014-06-26 at 1.21.31 PM

Finding ways to dress up the look, opt for brights.Screen shot 2014-06-26 at 8.04.54 PM


Now this is what I mean when I say that his Casual look/ street style  shocks me check out the two photo’s below. I’m so used to seeing him polished, even when he’s modelling off just underwear he still looks overly dressed- and when you see him in his own casual outfit (which you know that he picked out for himself)- he’s truly casual, just look at that unkempt. Hehe




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Have an amazing Monday! It’ll be the weekend again before you know it!


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