Casual Sunday: Anna Selezneva’s 70’s Throwback


Today is Casual Sunday!! I hope you all enjoyed your weekends, and that you had beautiful weather, beautiful friends, family and those you love in your life to share it with, and of course had the best style moments. I’m in the mood for jean shorts, I mean I’m sure most of you own a pair or two in the back of your closets, right? Nothing else can come close to being so casual, and so versatile as jean shorts- they make an outfit relaxed, and always look good sea side. If you’re wondering who the girl is in the picture- well she is Anna Selezneva, a Russian model (she’s also Armenian) who has walked the runway for notable brands like Jean Paul Gautier, Versace, Balmain, Chanel etc.

So it is summer, and music festivals, and other outdoor activities are taking place, and this particular look might be what you need for some inspiration. So far this is the most casual look to date from my Casual Sunday posts. I think I see a bit of a 70’s vibe in it- like a throwback to the 70’s. Just throw on a pair of aviators and the look will be complete. And look no heels required, your feet will thank you if you have a lot of errands to complete.




If the plaid and this look is not for you, feel free to check out my other Casual Sunday Posts:

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 Have an awesome monday Matryoshka’s!




4 thoughts on “Casual Sunday: Anna Selezneva’s 70’s Throwback

  1. Nothing more classic, at least in the last half of the twentieth century, than jean shorts! You’re right – they are flattering and versatile – especially the older higher waist styles. Lately I’m so enjoying reading history of Russia/Ukraine and Tolstoy. Eye-opening to understand your area of the world more clearly in light of recent news happenings. “Dusk at Iversky Gate” does indeed speak of the “Mysterious Russian Soul”. Thanks so much for joining my fun, too. Daily photos from my own true vintage closet.


    1. You’re welcome, and thank you for your lovely comment <3, Vintage clothing is something else, I even have a few vintage pieces in my closet- and the quality is unreal, and It's also fun to see more of the clothing that has survived for so long to get a Vintage status.


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