Airport Fashion Is Apparently A Big Thing


I always remember counting down the weeks, days and hours before my flight is due to take off- I’m often prepared up to a month in advance because that’s just how anxious & over-eager I can be. That’s right my luggage is packed to the brim with all of the clothing I’ve deemed worthy enough to come along, but I won’t lie I often pick pieces I want to wear, but will not cry over if my luggage gets lost in the jumble of connecting flights. Who else gets like this? I hope i’m not the only one. Anyways I was flipping through the free magazine H&M puts out for the new season- this one is for summer, and I had some fun reading the well crafted articles; one stood out in particular with-3-4 pages dedicated to ‘Airport Fashion’. Airport Fashion is apparently a big thing, gaining popularity in 2011, and taking China and Korea by storm like that K-pop craze.

Airport Fashion to some is like seeing a celebrity void of makeup, it’s raw, and our curiosity is piqued -what do these celebrities and models pick? Is it comfort? Style with sky high heels, or do they find a way to have their f- cake borscht and eat it too??. I remember once when I had just landed in Vienna, one woman in particular left me with a lasting impression. Was she a model, celebrity, or Russian?- none of the above. However her sense of style was so incredible that even to this day I find myself wishing I had asked her ‘where did your gorgeous clothing come from?’. She matched her mint glasses to the entire outfit she wore, she had this just above the knee mint and off-white dress (with an interesting vintage vibe to it), a deep beige coat, mint heels, and long ombre hair. If you were there you’d have been impressed too. That’s enough reminiscing.


Now what is the appeal to ‘Airport Fashion’, well most will tell you that the images are not retouched and are real. However in the case of Victoria Beckham, well clearly she is one of the celebrities who must be “colluding” with the paparazzi just to make sure her photo’s get the Posh approval before being released into the world via social media, and various other magazine publications. You’ll also notice that items that always accompany celebs/models in each airport snap shot are classic sunglasses, monogramed/ cute luggage or bags and sometimes heels – well you are only sitting for hours so it’s not a big deal.

But for others like Irina Shayk for example, one of my favourite Russian models- she’s quite authentic. Sometimes she’s chic, and sometimes she’ll wear something sporty on her trips- She always dresses for comfort and that’s what many like to see. We want realism. But most of all we want ideas to look good during our flights too. Just think of it you want to look good for when you land so you can begin taking photo’s of the places you need to capture. In Asia the H&M article stated that the airport is like the shopping mall- (I’ll call it the “new shopping mall”), where the young, trendy and bold hang out, and of course have a chance to show off their style sense. I believe it, an Airport is a mall- with it’s duty-free merchandise, make-up, clothing and other shops and boutiques lined up to make you broke before and after your vacation. I keep thinking of Heathrow, and Shipol in Amsterdam- what incredible airports- so big, you could live in them for months on end, and you’d always have the opportunity to have fresh makeup and amazing new clothing to wear. I don’t advise this though. Please exit the airport and enjoy the country before you. 😛


What are your thoughts on airport fashion, – what are your travel must haves? Are you a fashionable jet-setter? or are baggy pants and nike’s your go to? Feel free to leave some comments- I mean you can even discuss where you’re traveling to this summer.





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