Casual Sunday Inspiration: Miroslava Duma Gets Nautical

Privet Matryoshka’s Casual Sunday time has rolled around once again!! Today’s Casual Sunday post is for those who love a lifestyle near the sea, & ultimately for those of you who just enjoy those romantic summer walks along the shoreline, and want a classic sea style inspired look. I’m sure you can guess what the theme is- and I’m even in a Nautical mood 😉 Anyways there are two versions of a look that uses stripes if you’re obsessed with today’s Casual post on all things Nautical. To offer you some inspiration here are two different looks worn by the Russian it girl who always makes it onto the style radar: Miroslava Duma.

One look features no shoes- I’m going to say that this look is perfect for the sandal chick. That half off the shoulder dress is a little messy, and I’m thinking that having a bit of long, tousled hair (or true beach hair) could look incredible, and don’t forget to finish the look with the addition of cute sandals- (if you ever find a pair of cheap sandals you want to make ‘beachy’- I think it would be fun to glue little sea shells on them.)

The other look worn by Mira Duma is a little less practical- and that’s because of the heels. I know I promised to stick to looks that are perfect for finishing last minute weekend errands in- but the look can obviously go without heels, but if you want to wear your heels- and having coffee with your girlfriends is a part of your weekend wrap-up then this look might give you the inspiration you were looking for. Of course the style options are endless, and in the end it’s up to you to take your styles to new heights. And!!! Since it is Sunday (Sundays remind me of craft days) in this post I’m also including a cool D.I.Y. post on how to make your own Fishtail Anchor Bracelet- just in case you’re not truly a fan of stripes..but you can’t resist wearing something that reminds you of the ocean. Hehe enjoy 🙂


Above: A look for Sandal chicks, who love a relaxed style





+ I love the idea of a DIY anchor bracelet in case striped shirts are not your thing but you still want to incorporate a little bit of the ocean into your look  DIY ‘Fish Tail’Anchor Bracelet by Swellymayde



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Have fun getting your Nautical on!! Or don’t be afraid to share your favourite casual looks in the comments below.



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