Russian Eats, Summer Treats & Dachas


Privet Matryoshka’s, I hope you enjoyed your weekends!! There are so many reasons to love the summer months, and those warm nights that follow. Summer has so much to offer like the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables that are waiting to be taken home and made into culinary delights to be devoured. Plus there’s that nice scenery that needs to be taken in and enjoyed with picnics and BBqs. Today’s post is all about Russian eats, Summer treats and Dacha’s for the warmer months are meant for entertaining. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration to make this a memorable summer with an added Russian twist.

In this post you’ll find cute photo’s of Dacha’s and some information about what they are, but I also want to stress the importance of good food.Sometimes what annoys me is that Russian cuisine is not portrayed in an appealing way, a lot of the images, if you do a search for Russian cuisine you’ll find that Russian food looks so heavy, and you’re wondering what is this are they bulking for the winter?No winter is not the only season in Russia. hehe. Ah, but …Summer time in Russia is when everyone can go to the local parks, (Dacha’s too), and BBq some Shashlik.


But before I let you read about Russian bites that will surely inspire; I mentioned that the summer is the time when fruits and vegetables are in abundance, as it’s the time of year when they are flooding the local markets. Most of you who are not familiar with Russian culture probably wouldn’t believe that most Russians grow a lot of their own food, as some have ‘two homes’. One home is often an apartment in the heart of the busy city, and another is located in the vast countryside. This second home is actually a summer cottage and it’s called a Dacha. The Dacha gained a lot of popularity in Soviet times (but it also has roots with aristocrats) when people could not build or own homes in areas they preferred; the Dacha offers families an age old tradition for spending ones leisure time, and lets many have their own gardens for producing food. I’ve only been to one Dacha in my lifetime, it had no washroom available but there was an interesting system installed where men could pee near a fence, while women had the cover of the plants, and bushes. Asides from that experience.. I still think Dacha’s are irresistible, + check out these pics and decide for yourselves.


A wood patina Dacha by the river


Dacha and  garden perfect for an August harvest.


A cozy blue Dacha.

Now it’s time for the food!!

The Blini

I think one of the greatest Russian foods is the versatile Blini it can be made for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and even appies…you can make them large or small. This little pancake is perfect for dinner parties, or if you’re in the mood for Russian bites. Blinis are a buckwheat pancake, and most of the time are served with sour cream. Sour cream is essential to Russian cuisine. Below are the links for Blini recipes.


 1. Sweet Blini Recipe

2.Blini Recipe Options – step by step guide

3.  Smoked Salmon Blini Recipe

4. Blini with Red Caviar, add sour cream and you’re done! 🙂

Cake Pops A La Russe


The Russian Cake Pop Recipe ( I thought this looked like a yummy dessert to try out, since cake pops are popular..and this recipe does not require your cake pops to be perfectly round.)


Shashlik can be made out of various meats, mostly it’s made out of beef, and it’s a kebob..but most will argue there is no better kebob than a Russian kebob, especially one that’s been BBq’d close to the ground, taking in the flavours of the earth, or pine from the forest.


Russian (inspired)Fruit salad


 Russian Fruit salad Recipe, where would we be without fruit?

Screen shot 2014-06-08 at 11.05.08 PM

Hope you enjoyed the post 🙂




2 thoughts on “Russian Eats, Summer Treats & Dachas

  1. That first dacha looks so very cute! I hope to go to Russia for half a year next year, and of course I gope someone will invite me to his or her dacha, because to me it seems as such a Russian thing that I just need to try it! 🙂


    1. Haha awwh, I hope someone invites you to their Dacha too! I think it would be absolutely wonderful to lounge there until the sun goes down, and see a different side of Russia. I’m sure you will make a lot of new friends so you have a good chance of experiencing that, 6 months is soo long!!


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