Casual Sunday Inspiration: Irina Shayk’s Orange Crush


I’m lazy and Sunday’s make me extra lazy, and yet I’m debating if I should start a series for Casual Sundays by suggesting some looks I find to fit in the casual category, that are chic, and comfortable enough for completing those last minute errands in before the Monday-Friday work week begins all over again. I promise I won’t be suggesting anything that fits the criteria of Normcore. All of the looks I’ll post will be from Russian (and hoping Ukrainian) it girls, models, and other popular faces- who are known for having incredible style. For this particular Casual Sunday I’m looking to Irina Shayk as my inspiration- Orange crush anyone?


  What I’m loving about the look:

I love the contrast of mixing neutrals with brights, such as using orange pants with a grey top.

The sandals are delicate, and are not a pair of killer heels, meaning your feet will remain happy all day long.

The entire look doesn’t require that many accessories, the pants do enough for making a statement.

Sunglasses are a must if you need to hide some puffy or baggy eyes from the previous nights endeavours..or if you’re not in the mood for makeup.

The look is chic, and light enough to wear when the temperature hits some highs.

And the last things I love about this look is that Hermes Birkin bag, I’m not suggesting you need this!! I’m just admiring it..out loud. Heheheh.




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