TBT: Miroslava Duma Forever Timeless In Jason Wu


Privet matryoshka’s, For this Throwback Thursday post, Miroslava Duma is the muse! One of the most memorable images of Miroslava Duma are of her wearing the famed Jason Wu dress in chartreuse (what a colour confection) from the SS 2012 collection. If you’re wondering who was the one responsible for capturing these images, well look no further, that person is unsurprisingly the one and only Tommy Ton. Ton is often accredited for capturing memorable images of the Russian Fashion Pack, think way back to  Ulyana Sergeenko’s mask And gilded mirror pic. This photo put Ulyana on the style radar. 

Miroslava Duma wore one of the most and refined dresses from the Spring and Summer 2012 season, at the time Wu ‘looked to combine the refinement of couture with the dynamism of the Pop art movement’,- He did so perfectly.  Jason Wu took chances with his SS 2012 ready to wear collection, drawing inspiration from unlikely sources, creating strong, feminine looks- I’ve fallen for all things asymmetrical, there is something seductive by creating a dress with a greater length in the back, while the front slightly draws up to show off a bit of leg, allowing the wearer to show off her favourite pair of heels. Tasteful, and you get to have the best of both worlds with styles using this type of shape,- it’s perfect for days when you can’t decide between length, elegant details, or you want to show off those legs you worked hard for in the gym :P.

duma3A behind the scenes glimpse of Tommy Ton’s photo shoot with Miroslava Duma


The purpose of the photo shoot was to advertise the Symphony mall in Dubai ( there are more images of Mira wearing stunning outfits). But that’s definitely not what I want to rave about- I love the way the dress was spread out over the steps, with the chartreuse contrasting against grey steps, highlighting that asymmetrical shape- this dress was made for movement. Meaning it looks good stationary, but transforms into something majestic when you’re moving. And here is a short video of that photo shoot, where Mira talks about Dubai, and is seen running in the famous dress.

tom 6sighh, love this!!!


Mira’s look in full, heels and all.

Truly Timeless + Hope you enjoyed this TBT post 🙂



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