Elle Fanning Seen In A Vika Gazinskaya Original!!


Privet Matryoshka’s! Vika Gazinskaya (your beloved Russian designer + it girl) has been having a lot of good fortune lately. First her collaboration with & Other Stories created a buzz by giving the lucky few who live across Europe access to buying at least one Vika original; And now her designs are finding themselves on recognizable faces. In this case Vika’s Decolette shoulder strap jumpsuit was spotted on Elle fanning-To be honest I barely know who this Elle Fanning is, I have a vague idea that she’s a celebrity- but what I do know is that Vika, or at least any designer in this case loves to see their work displayed on those who are going to be photographed and giving all that work the attention it deserves. 

Congratulations Vika-sigh it’s not like you read this blog, but still my congrats are out their for you, lol.



 Right: Elle Fanning in the Decolette shoulder strap jumpsuit by Vika Gazinskaya.





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