My First D.I.Y: Ulyana Sergeenko’s Russian Fairy Tale Purse


Privet Matryoshka’s, ever since I laid my eyes on Ulyana Sergeenko’s lovely wooden purses from her Spring-Summer 2013 collection I’ve been head over heels in love! What I loved about these purses from the beginning are that they noticeably have a care-free, whimsical quality- and with a certain subtlety they even preserve Russian culture. How? What?!?Where is this culture being concealed & preserved ?? Hehe, well if you look at Ulyana’s purses (check out the  “Unexpected Love” post if you’re unfamiliar with these wooden boxes) you will see that she added elements from both Russian folk and fairy tales in the designing process.

Anyways long story short I was greatly inspired to create one all on my own since the local shopping mall doesn’t sell such Hautue Couture gems- So Matryoshaka’s enjoy the Ulyana Sergeenko D.I.Y, I included pictures, steps as well as the materials I used and if you have any questions don’t be shy to ask…as for what I’m going to do with my lovely Ulyana Sergeenko inspired design, perhaps it will accompany me to a tea party, or fashion week sometime 😉 hahah.

1406Above: The Inspiration


Above: How mine turned out

 Materials Needed

Wooden Box (I found mine at a craft store, but check your local dollar stores)

Various Paint ( + A Paint Primer)


Paint Brushes

Felt pen

Polyurethane aka Clear Gloss


Sewing kit + A Drill

Sand Paper



Step One: Prep your little wooden box for painting by making sure it has a smooth surface, if it isn’t smooth then sand it- then it will be ready for you to paint your primer on. (Primer is your base/ prep coat so when you progress with this project you want to make sure that the details you’ll be painting later have more staying power)


Step Two: After I completed priming my petite box of wood I decided to paint it completely red, and then after it dried I spent gruelling hours detailing, and attempting to incorporate similar Russian folk elements, like Ulyana. Yes I even used a black sharpie to outline. Ughghgh The paint even ruined my the polish on my nails!! 😦 lol ( Matryoshka’s you can do anything you wish for the details and designs on your own box)

Step Three: What gives the box it’s glossy finish was the use of the polyurethane aka the clear gloss that I used (hardware stores sell this, it comes in a spray can)- but be careful when you use it, spray far from the object of desire and watch for any “bleeding” from the paint or felt used.


Step Three: I then drilled two holes on each side of the box for my handle! I intricately wrapped, and sewed three types of ribbon of a similar colour together, and added bows which I made and sewed on to prevent the bows from coming undone. Hehe I’m surprised the handle turned out so well!!


Ta-Da Finished 😛

And if you’re wondering why did I paint rabbits all over the box.. well Zaychishka is similar to the Russian word “Zaika (feminine) or Zaychik (masculine)” which means rabbit/ bunny- which can also be used as an affectionate term for your boyfriend or girlfriend. 😉 Now you kind of know about the origins behind my blogs name.

Fotor051711018A closer view of my lovely Ulyana Sergeenko inspired Do It Yourself  project

*Hope you enjoyed the post!! Feel free to like, comment or share this post if you were amused*

– Zaychishka






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