Yalta’s Seaside Style


Privet Matryoshka’s, I’m in the mood to write about something that will delight your imaginations and coax visions of the style of the sea!! I’ve always loved being close to the water, it’s a different atmosphere laden with nostalgia, and sights of individuals finding moments such as this to be an opportunity to bring out their nautical attire, barely there bikini’s, and of course there is that vast blue, an ocean, or the sea that continues on endlessly. Yalta is a place that fits the above description; Yalta’s located in the Crimean Peninsula (Southern shore), nestled by the Black Sea. Individuals who visit are enticed by the intoxicating aroma that lingers in the air- a blend of the Black Sea mixed with the scent of cypresses and magnolias from the nearby mountain ranges. Paradise? Da! 

Yalta is Russia and Ukraine’s playground- for as long as anyone can remember this very city offered Russian royalty an escape in the summer. In fact the last building that was erected under the Russian Empire under the Romanov family was built here- being Lavadia palace. The palace is richly immersed in history as well as surrounded by beauty. It’s architectural influence took to the Italian renaissance style.


 Tsar Nicholas ΙΙ exact words to the architect (during his first visit to the palace & on behalf of his family): “We can not find words to express our joy and pleasure to have such a house built exactly as we wanted. Architect Krasnov amazing fellow. “

In Soviet times Yalta became the labourers paradise, and Russian dignitaries to the famous Russian playwright Anton Chekhov ended up here. This place not only offered Russians a summer retreat but influenced many poets and artists. For modern day visitors Yalta is still considered to be the Russian Riviera- and although many Russians are traveling abroad to places like Greece or Turkey- it’s still the place to be in the summer.- plus you can find traditional Russian and Ukrainian cuisine here, can’t you imagine trying kebob sandwiches and pelmeni?

But Perhaps what truly makes Yalta unique is in its Hellenic roots, (after-all Greeks do know how to find beautiful places; E.G. Ios, Mykonos and Santorini, sigh- Matryoshka’s the pizza at Ios’s Far Out Beach club is mouth-wateringly impressive!!)  Yalta became a greek settlement in the 1st century, of course the Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans tried to lay claim to it too over the centuries; but let’s focus on the Greeks!! As legend has it during one stormy night Greek sailors had lost their way and amid their search for reaching the shoreline they stumbled across Yalta, naming it Yalos (meaning: The Shore) and settled in, cultivating this gem for themselves. I could go on and on about Russia’s Riviera, but perhaps I’ll leave you with a little bit of mystery…and these photo’s.

546319_2cee621219feddd5c981ab67643ea45c_largeA view of Swallows nest





Yalta Ukraine 1167315809Alexander Nevsky Cathedral



2 thoughts on “Yalta’s Seaside Style

  1. It looks absolutely wonderful! I was planning on going to Crimea this summer but looks like its gonna be difficult now…x


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