Zaychishka’s Interview With The Fashion Designer Anna Pitchouguina “She Is A Dreamer, Definitely A Dreamer”


Youthfulness, simple shapes, and awkward moments come to life in Anna Pitchouguina’s collections that have been gaining popularity since the launch of her brand in August 2013. The Russian Fashion Designer who was raised in Poland gets most of her inspiration from everyday moments, moods and scenes. In her latest Autumn-Winter 2014/15 collection melancholy adorns each garment. Think of lone foot steps in the snow, and trees mourning over the loss of their leaves; A haunting image straight out of the Picturesque Russian landscape in the dead of winter. Recently Anna Pitchouguina let me ask her a few questions, where she discussed what it was like behind the scenes at this years Aurora Fashion Week ( for her, and her team), to her love of fabrics, and of course why she is so drawn towards everything awkward, and how it became a leading muse for the Pitchouguina brand. The Interview is included below.

ANNAAnna Pitchouguina: & Her website Pitchouguina


1). When did you know that you wanted to become a Fashion Designer?

I realized I like drawing quite early, but I wasn’t very good. The idea or maybe rather the decision of becoming a fashion designer came suddenly but took many years. Firstly I studied at University of Economics and briefly Interior Design in Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland before getting into Fashion Course at Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz and getting a scholarship in International Fashion and Costume Design School in Warsaw. Then things just happen as you go.

2). Your work is just so visually stunning, how did you learn to blend textures, details ( heavy embroidery in unexpected places such as on your coats), fabrics and silhouettes so perfectly?

I think it just a taste and kind of sensitivity of mine. Some people will call it beautiful, others will not, but I do think that the beauty I am creating is quite easy to relate to. I am in love with fabrics, subtle details, hand made embroidery and beadings and textures. Those quite often win over silhouettes, keeping the shapes quite simple and wearable.


3). What has drawn you towards the use of awkwardness in your collections, such as the idea of awkward smiles, moments and relationships? / What is it about awkwardness that has captured you?

I find all of those things the most beautiful in life. By describing the collections and inspiration I am just trying to put more importance on it. So that the ones who watch my work maybe will recall for a minute a smile from the stranger or a weird moment that made them laugh. Kind of melancholic memories.

4). I see that you’re based out of London, Warsaw, New York- and that a boutique in Dubai sells your pieces- what other countries/cities are you interested in expanding your fashion empire in, if you could right now?

It is hard to call it an empire, it is rather a small but ambitious fashion studio based in East London. AW14_15 is our second official season so there are a lot of ways and directions to expand. We are thinking globally so our doors are wide open.

5). What is it like behind the scenes at fashion week, particularly Aurora Fashion Week in Saint Petersburg (april 2014), and how did your team cope with all of the excitement, and any of the madness that follows? ( it had to be a lot of work to prepare for, for all of you)

We were very excited to take part in it and once again want to thank you the whole Aurora Fashion Week team, they made it a great experience. With quite a good experience backstage the crazy madness is thankfully gone and we are able to enjoy it rather than stress about it. Although I always find the models casting very difficult, purely because you have to be harsh and impersonal towards those young girls, but you have to in order to get the right feel for your show.

Screen shot 2014-04-24 at 2.43.31 PM Aurora Fashion Week 2014, Pitchouguina’s Runway Show- Instagram

6). What is one of your favourite fashion staples from your own personal wardrobe?

Those are actually vintage knits, the pieces that are worn over and over again. My favourite being the black knit with sparkly lurex that I can wear over and over again with all my SS14 pieces. I do start to wear my own garments more and more as well, also to get the knowledge of how they behave with time.

7). What is your favourite part of being involved in the Fashion Industry as a Designer?

All of it, but it is a lot of work. Being a director of a small fashion company leaves you doing everything, things people do not even think a designer ever does, but if you love it you love every aspect of it, even spending hours with the invoices and receipts trying to find the occasional accountants mistakes.

8). Who has been the most exciting person you’ve met in the Fashion Industry, and did they give you any useful advice?

Everyone really, I observe people a lot. All the designers I worked with before were a great experience for sure. The brand does not have one particular person, ambassador but we come across so many individuals that are willing to give their time to our brand, its incredible. We will need to make a book in a few years time thanking every single person for their support.

9). What do you and your team have planned for the future of Pitchouguina? 

We are working on a collective showcase in Maastricht now. We created an event a few months ago called OFF STRAND in Shoreditch showcasing young London based designers and now are doing a second edition in Netherlands as part of Fashionclash Festival. At the same time we are working on our new SS15 season as well as collaborations with other design companies.

10). And last question!! What is your vision of the women who wears Pitchouguina? (/ who is she? ) I’ve noticed that your designs have romantic elements.

She is a dreamer, definitely a dreamer. 


Well Matryoshka’s I hope you enjoyed the interview. I’m  Thankful that Anna Pitchouguina, Cecile and the rest of her team gave me the opportunity to ask some questions. If any of you have any feedback, comments or questions don’t be afraid to drop them in the comment box below. + I will try my best to bring you guys more Zaychishka exclusives in the future.



10 thoughts on “Zaychishka’s Interview With The Fashion Designer Anna Pitchouguina “She Is A Dreamer, Definitely A Dreamer”

  1. I finally had time to sit down and read your interview! I wanted to give it my full attention and be a voyeur in the interviewer’s seat! Bravo! I really enjoyed learning how she wears her designs to see how they hold up over time. How did you prepare for the interview and how were you able to persuade her to take some time to speak with you?


    1. Awwh haha you didn’t have to do that, now I feel bad because it was such a long post!
      Well to prepare for this since it wasn’t us sitting down together over coffee (which I would prefer) that would have required a plane ticket- in fact everything was purely coincidental- Anna Pitchouguina and her team reached out to me, and asked if I would be interested in putting up their runway images from Aurora Fashion Week (which I was interested in getting- another lucky coincidence) After I finished that particular post, Pitchouguina added me to twitter and I asked if she would be willing to answer questions for my readers and she agreed, so then I just tried my best to think of questions that anyone else might have been curious to know about…and she answered every question I sent to her, she’s pretty hands on since her label is so young. Ahh, sorry this was another long thing for you to read!! But in the future if I do get to do a sit down interview I would treat it like a normal conversation…as if you’re talking to an old friend- (I’m Ukrainian and Italian- I love to talk lol !!)


      1. It was not too long…I enjoyed it very much…just wanted to give it my full attention, not a skimmer…important milestone for you…How exciting she reached out to YOU…and what did you wear to the interview!!??


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