DIY For The Vika Gazinskaya Sweater That Got Away


Privet Matryoshka’s!! I must confess that I’m a little bit of sweater addict whose been eyeing Vika’s iconic embellished cotton blend sweater since it’s 2012 debut. My need for this sweater was further fuelled by seeing Miroslava Duma wearing it during Paris Fashion Week (2012). Some might say that my lust for luxe spiralled out of control, but to no avail could I get my hands on this Made In Russia Vika original. So I did what many would do in my case, I had to forget the sweater knowing that I let it escape my grasp.

Lately spring just hasn’t felt like spring, it’s still cold, and recently- recent as in this week– my closet with its many quirky sweaters (like my TopShop pink quotation mark sweater) reminded me of the void that Vika’s sweater left. Once again I was reminded of my days of wanting the sweater, I ran to my laptop, and with a minute of what felt like furious browsing I came across a blogger with a D.I.Y tutorial blog post for the very Vika sweater that got away. On the plus side you don’t need to fret about wearing a statement necklace with this one.

imgresMiroslava Duma wearing Vika Gazinskaya, PFW 2012.

Description of the origianl sweater: Grey cotton-blend sweater with linear embroidery and detachable multi-coloured wooden gem appliqué Vika Gazinskaya . Stand up collar. Long sleeves. Unlined. Dry clean only. 65% cotton, 35% polyester Made in Russia

Fotor0417172013 Vika’s original at left, and the D.I.Y version is the right.

I think this could be the perfect addition to any closet, for days when sweater weather is calling, and you want to make a statement. Here is the link for the D.I.Y project, and how to make the Vika sweater from the “do-or-diy blogspot”.


 What items are you obsessing over currently?And, which pieces did you have to let go of? Drop your answers in the comment box below. And Udachi to any of you who might try this D.I.Y project out.


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