Melancholy In Pitchouguina’s Autumn-Winter 2014/15 Collection


Imagine yourself caught in an unexpected moment, when emotions take over; taking you through highs and lows; Emotions are plastered for all to see on our faces, and heard within our voices. Pitchouguina is a brand based on emotions, specifically awkward behaviours, and dreamy attitudes. For Autumn-Winter 2014/15 Pitchouguina’s collection revolved around  naked tree’s, and foot prints left in the snow resembling a melancholic mood.

The collection wowed guests at this months Aurora Fashion Week in Saint Petersburg, with pieces made from heavy wools, corduroys, French lace, Delica glass beads, and organza enhanced by embroidered details. Guests also saw digital print on silk georgette, with illustrations designed by Yelena Bryksenkova. The images below are from Aurora Fashion Week, as well as Pitchouguina’s A/W 2014/15 look book (a glimpse). I’m definitely a fan of this haunting, melancholic collection.


 Pitchouguina is a label based on emotions. It draws inspiration from everyday moments, everyday people, random words, awkward smiles, and all the little things that can so easily go unnoticed. -By our own choice we are a little naive, and maybe a little obsessed.- Pitchouguina

Fotor0418214223Pitchouguina was launched in August 2013 by Anna Pitchouguina, a designer who was born in Russia and grew up in Poland, giving the brand a blend of cultural influences. She has a shop in London, + her designs are gaining recognition fast for being simply…divine. 

Screen shot 2014-04-17 at 8.00.08 PM

Above:  Organza dress with yellow embroidery at the waist, One of the most loved pieces from the Autumn/Winter 2014/15 collection. (Love the details!!)


Screen shot 2014-04-17 at 7.55.03 PMI’m in love with the details on this skirt!


Screen shot 2014-04-18 at 9.54.57 PM

“The creative process for us always starts with the fabrication, general mood and the designs and silhouettes evolve slowly from that point onwards. We get inspired by similar awkward behaviours and dreamy attitudes each season. This time we though a bit more often about naked trees, foot steps on the snow, cold chilly weather and massive bridges late in the evening with our girl walking by, listening to Willy Mason. – Pitchouguina”


Screen shot 2014-04-17 at 7.54.47 PM

Fotor0418214532Obsessed with this yellow

Screen shot 2014-04-18 at 9.54.42 PM


For curious Matryoshka’s:

Pitchouguina’s Website

Pitchouguina on Instagram 

+ Twitter


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