Ulyana Sergeenko Looks That’ll Inspire Spring Wardrobes


Spring, oh spring, where to begin?  The weather during this time of year is unpredictable, one moment you could be enjoying the sun filled day, and the next relentless April showers seem to instantly appear; and so begins the race to grab and open up an umbrella, or dive for cover within a cafe. You let off a sigh, perhaps a laugh as you tell off the rain: “you’re not going to ruin my perfectly coiffed locks today!”. It’s no wonder that Spring is a difficult season to dress for, and that’s why you need to be ready- to look your best at every possible moment- because you deserve it.

So to re-vamp your spring style, it’s time to sit back and enjoy a little style inspiration from the best, Ulyana Sergeenko. I chose her for the task of inspiring as many of you as possible- for she’s one of the best at street style, plus i’m in an ultra-femme mood, and I’m even in the mood to talk style advice, why not when everyone seems to weigh in on this topic, hehe.

Here are the looks of Ulyana Sergeenko for you to use to your advantage to inspire you during this transitioning season so you can be something reminiscent of a Monet masterpiece.

Fotor0410154252The Russian style icon enjoys pairing heavy fabrics with lights. Think of pairing wools with silks. Here she’s wearing a sheer top with a long floral skirt, and a chic coat.


The black and white trend often re-surfaces, +you can never go wrong with black or white, they should be a part of your basic wardrobe staple area in your closet- but if you’re bored of the look try pairing a black crop (like Ulyana’s) with Navy pants, and to offset it all give the outfit a colour burst by adding red pumps. Lovely.

gtl_ulyanaAnother look at mixing black and white, the Ulyana Sergeenko way. So Sophisticated!

18. ulyana_sergeenko_collection_2011_2012Love this look, her red lips add something special to the entire look- sometimes all you need is a good lipstick, my favourite go to lipstick at the moment is M.AC’s retro matte”All Fired Up” and I also am a fan of “Russian Red”(for the night 😉 ) Plus if you’re dying to wear a floral skirt, opt for a basic white top if you’re unsure.


Wear something yellow- any type of yellow, mustard,pastel etc.


At the moment the yellow I’m going to wear for spring is in the form of a coat- it’s my new yellow Zara coat with pockets for the spring 😛 and I love it!! it’s got that vintage vibe too. + here’s the Zara website..in case you want a closer look.


I know you’re looking at a lot of florals, but this is the last one I promise! I know Karl Lagerfeld has been quoted as saying “Florals are for middle aged woman with weight problems”, I guess he’s not a fan- but screw him, because every year florals return for spring- and no it’s not ground-breaking to bring out florals for this time of year, but designers really try to put their own unique spin on the spring-time classic. And if you’re wanting to wear florals (but crave change), look for something with an eye-catching detail, take Ulyana’s dress for example, look at the way the back drops! Plus you could always accessorize by adding a dainty, long necklace, and wear it in reverse so it’ll draw more attention to the detail in the back.


In the mood to look chic, wear white with a hint of cream. Love the sheerness of Ulyana’s top, it creates a vintage vibe.

18-elle-milan-fashion-week-2013-jean-cut-offs-xln-lgnBust out your favourite pairs of shorts .I love this look, it has an old-meets new sort of charm to it, and it defienetly is perfect for spring.


And last but not least, wearing warm toned greys

What are your favourite spring-time staples? How are you going to re-vamp your wardrobes?

– Zaychishka

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