FC Zenit To Participate At Aurora Fashion Week


Privet Matryoshka’s, It’s that time of year again in Saint Petersburg!! Aurora Fashion Week has kicked off today and will last from April 9th until the 11th. Every year AFW allows Russian and international designers the opportunity to show off their work, this year the designers will be presenting designs from their fall/winter 2014/15 season collections.

The Russian designers aren’t the only ones who will be bathing in the lime-light during this glorious AFW event- the Russian football club FC Zenit (who are currently placing in second in the Russian Premier league) will be presenting their “retroform”(retro uniform) collection designed by Artem Shumov to commemorate 70 years since FC Zenit won the 1944 USSR cup, 30 years since the football club has won the USSR championship of 1984, and 15 years have passed since FC Zenit won the Russian cup victory in 1999- Triumphs FC Zenit fans have witnessed, and dreamed of; fuelling true Zenit fans with a need  for future victories from this beloved football club. I’m curious to see these retro-kits!!


FC Zenits USSR Championship, 1984.

“In  the Soviet period sets of uniforms were rare.  One player for a season was given a pair of t-shirts, pants and gaiters which was necessary to give to the chief of team after season end. Players of the main structure of ZENIT will take part in presentation of retroform, “- Aurora Fashion Week.”

AFW will have presentations from Moscow’s Walk Of Shame, and other various events will be taking place, If you want to check out more information on this exciting event, or would like to see the schedule and other information you can check out the official Aurora Fashion Week website for all of the latest news and details, live feeds of the event will also be hosted on the AFW website if you can’t attend the event in person.





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