Anastasia Romantsova & Her A La Russe Touch

Anastasia Romantsova’s the Russian designer who created A La Russe, a contemporary brand that pumps out stunning, hand-crafted garments from season to season. Once you see into the world of A La Russe, as well as the face behind the brand- it’s hard to keep yourself from falling head over heels-in love from the A La Russe touch.


A La Russe embodies Russian tradition’s through fashion (even preserving the identity of the Russian culture, alongside motifs of both European and Asian influence), just imagine a lifestyle spent in the countryside, where romantic walks, evenings spent discussing literature, music, tales of travel, and most important of all: family gatherings at the dinner table take place often; It’s the life style of leisure and luxury, the life of the Russian aristocrat, who gave Romantsova the inspiration for her brand from the beginning.

tumblr_inline_n06l74DjAJ1r3opowAnastasia Romantsova hard at work at the A La Russe Atelier

“Anastasia Romantsova On creating A La Russe: I really wanted to show what Russian style and Russian culture is about. I wanted to dress ladies in feminine gowns to show that sexuality can be “reserved” and aristocratic; to dwell upon timeless style, but not momentary fashion, to create dresses which “care” about a woman, which mould ideal proportions and at the same time are comfortable and practical. –British mode magazine

Screen shot 2014-04-05 at 1.15.35 PM

Anastasia also has found other muses for past collections- her spring-summer 2013 collection paid tribute to her youth spent in the south of Russia (Krasnodar), the collection’s heroine was a country-lady who’s tantalized by the sun, and intoxicated by the aroma of ripened wheat from the field, which made her realize “that wealth is in freedom, that life is happiness, that beauty is nature.” Not only that but the collection was devoted to a prosperous, successful life through the Russian symbols of grain, bread, and the field.

“She fathoms the essence of the word Country Lady while being an exquisite aristocrat she feels and radiates natural femininity, stirring sexuality, and earthly passion with no trace of shame. This new awareness of herself from now on will assist her in the whirling high life of a city.” – A La Russe

20130219-romanc8From A la Russe’s SS 2013 collection.

In the future Romantsova hopes to establish a second line, directed towards a younger, more youthful crowd, until then her primary focus is on keeping A La Russe’s principles of femininity and elegance .

our [A La Russe] collections are a reflection of my personal vision of a woman. Of me preferring timeless style to momentary fashion, of my love of comfort; not at all contrary to the ideas of elegance and femininity, and of my love for pre-revolutionary Russia and it aesthetics. Anastasia Romantsova. – British Mode Magazine

Screen shot 2014-04-05 at 1.15.40 PM

What are your thoughts on A La Russe’s “reserved sexuality style? If you have any comments feel free to leave them in the comment section below- or feel free to follow Zaychishka on twitter  @zaychishkastyle

– Zaychishka 🙂

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