Moscow’s Walk Of Shame


It’s the independent, home grown Russian clothing label (straight out of Moscow) that’s famous for photographing models with disheveled appearances; bring on that morning after-sex-ruined tousled hair, gobs of mascara running down your cheeks, and the marks of your previous nights uninhibited endeavours. Moscow’s Walk of Shame’s avant-garde style speaks for itself- inspired by the girl who lives for the night, who ends up spending the morning after hobbling along the streets on a broken heel, while still wearing last nights outfit (that’s just not a pretty picture). If you’re that girl well you’re the reason Walk Of Shame was created, plus you might even be saving your ass face in one of their designs.

Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 5.18.19 PMMiroslava Duma wearing the Rolls Royce baby top

If you ever see any of Walk Of Shame’s fashion shows you’ll really get a sense of who their target audience is-(hint, hint: Artymovo’s clothes are for young women who like to have fun and enjoy the finer things in life, for girls who can afford silk bomber jackets, floating dresses, fur coats and velvet slippers.) During their fashion shows the scene is set by models stepping out and onto the runway with their bodies covered in love-bites, bruises and faux tattoo’s. For the Spring-Summer 2014 catwalk show models wore buttoned white denim skirts with silver crop tops, silk pyjamas, with see through dresses, bombers and light white coats.

For Artyomov, Walk of Shame is a universal story about “Bruises on knees, yesterday’s hair and yesterday’s make-up. It’s about fun and its consequences told in the language of irresistibly seductive design.”

10591_566466210070167_1732736501_nFrom the Walk Of Shame Catwalk show Fall-Winter 2013/2014

Andrey Artymov started Walk Of Shame in 2010, and since then the brands edgy appeal has captured the attention of the Russian it girls from Elena Perminova (you gotta admit the edgy nature of the brand suits her), to Miroslava Duma, And the likes of Moscow’s skateboarder crowd. The brand doesn’t come cheap either, their “I’m a Luxury” sweaters can run up to $600.00(usd).- pic of that is included.


“In Moscow, there is no division between youth and money. It’s a city where people still drink champagne for breakfast”+ “It’s (Walk of Shame) about fun and its consequences told in the language of irresistibly seductive design” – Andrey Artyomov, creator of  Walk of Shame. Calvert Journal

Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 10.10.52 PMThe velvet flats, Elena Perminova, and Xenia Sobchak own a pair.

Screen shot 2014-03-30 at 11.07.42 PM


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