TBT: Elena’s Gladiators Made Her A Conqueror Of Street Style

Privet Matryoshkas, I recently mentioned that Elena Perminova hasn’t been posting as much as she used to- to instagram lately, and I’m thinking this somehow makes her the perfect candidate for one of my Throw Back Thursday Posts. A quick glance might make you think this is it.- This is a casual looking Elena; but as soon as you give yourself a second, longer glance, the look transforms into an urban, fierce ensemble, assuring you, that you haven’t caught Elena looking dressed down in the slightest.

This look makes Elena the conqueror of street style; her black beanie, Balenciaga gold rings, to her Céline cotton gabardine trench coat, paired with the Versace gladiator heels is a couture look with attitude. ( Not only does the look pack attitude, just look at Elena’s fierce stature while wearing this- minus the photo of her smiling )

Lena-Perminova-1-by-STYLEDUMONDEDressed to kill- Or Stomp


 “My day-to-day wardrobe is rather modest; I prefer to collect books rather than clothes,”- Elena Perminova, Harper’s Bazaar.

Cotton-gabardine-trench-coat-Celine-xlnThe Timeless Céline Gabardine Trench


4691a3516ec9d46973d80cce7cbab3a0Balenciaga Gold Rings

5004-Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding-Elena-Perminova-Paris-Fashion-Week-Fall-Winter-2013-2014_AKS5799Close up of the Versace Gladiator heels


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