Miroslava Duma’s A Fabergé Brand Ambassador


Privet Matryoshka’s before I dive right into the news, I’m going to apologize for now posting awful sized images on my blog- I can’t seem to get a hang of the latest wordpress changes? Somehow I can’t customize the image size as I was used to, and the scale back feature doesn’t want to be my friend. Agh, So until I figure it out..enjoy the unsightly imagery.Well, Easter’s fast approaching,and I’m already dreaming of Mini eggs, eggs of gold, or the combo of gold mini eggs.. chocolates definitely not on my wish list. As for the news: Miroslava Duma is up to something interesting to ring in the next holiday-

The pint sized, and stylish Czarina has become the ambassador for Harrods and Fabergé;The collaboration is being unveiled this upcoming Easter. Fabergé has a long history intertwined in Russia with love, and loss, and for serving regal clientele from both the Russian Imperial Court and Royal Family. Mira’s a fan of statement worthy necklaces, Fabergé is offering a limited edition ‘Egg Bar’, customers will have the opportunity to get the iconic  Fabergé egg pendants engraved with personalized messages- from April 1st, until the 21st. Mira’s even going to be answering questions via twitter April 1st, the Q&A is hosted by Harrods, and if you want to ask her anything just  tweet @Harrods with #FabergeatHarrods.


Miroslava Duma, the digital pioneer behind the successful online platform Buro 24/7, will launch the ‘Fabergé Cinescope.’ The ‘Fabergé Cinescope’ will enable visitors to try Fabergé jewellery via a digital mirror and create a one-of-a-kind animation portrait of themselves that can be shared across social media. The digital concept is inspired by a popular Victorian novelty that creates a pre-cinematic form of animation. The animated portrait is based on the trompe-l’oeil optical effect created by two images placed on either side of a disk creating an illusion of being one image when rotated quickly.

I am really excited to be working with Fabergé and Harrods on this innovative Easter collaboration. Fabergé being the ultimate Russian jewellery house is very close to me. Together with Harrods, they are re-inventing heritage for today’s audience, – Miroslava Duma, Buro 24/7


Fabergé  is well known for creating The Russian Imperial Eggs, which serves as a haunting reminder of a period  in time when Russia went through a revolution.
Fabergé could not pick just anyone to represent their latest line, besides Miroslava Duma’s our Czarina, she’s fashion royalty, of course the house of Fabergé  would pick her to represent their latest batch of eggs.

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