Renata Litvinova For ZARINA A Must See At MBFWR


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia kicks off on March 27th. Designers from all over Russia will be show casing their autumn and winter collections for 2014/2015, including the brand ZARINA which first introduced itself to Russia’s market in 1993. ZARINA’S latest collection allowed room for the Russian actress Renata Litvinova to put her creative nature, and talents to fashion (Renata’s been collaborating with the line since 2005). 

Expect to see inspiration drawn from “feminine images of diversity”, with a primary focus on luxurious textures,embroidery, sequins, velvet, lace and silks, to complete an elegant, feminine look, unique of Renata’s vision. As for the colours, the line includes feminine shades of ocher, deep sapphire, bright ultramarine and delicate creams, combined with classic black.

Screen shot 2014-03-23 at 8.18.59 PM

“I love this collection of special love. It so many of my fantasies: in pictures and especially vualnoy skirt, which is the apotheosis of the whole concept of women in my understanding – defenseless, like a butterfly, and able to soar above life, on life – the beauty, “- says Renata Litvinova.

«Я люблю эту коллекцию особенной любовью. В ней столько моих фантазий: в рисунках и особенно в вуальной юбке, которая является апофеозом всей концепции женщины в моем понимании — беззащитной, как бабочка, и способной взлететь над бытом, над жизнью — к красоте», — рассказывает Рената Литвинова.

Show Schedule : March 27th, 18:00 “For caring ZARINA and Renata Litvinova

Screen shot 2014-03-23 at 8.50.09 PM

On A Side Note: Matryoshka’s  I know you might be wondering why i’ve included in this posts title “A Must See” for fashion week, it’s because ZARINA refused the typical”catwalk images”, and has made real women from all over Russia the ambassadors of the brand. + the new collection for 2014/2015 has piqued my interests due to the description and sketches from Renata, (lol) I hope there will be something beautiful in the collection for me to show off to you guys, and maybe win some of your hearts over to the Russian side (of fashion, that is).



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