Mercedes-Benz: Russian Fashion Week Is Coming !!


Privet Mastryoshka’s I know I’ve been absent yet again, but I’m never gone for that long..right? lol! Anyways for today’s news I wanted to announce for any of you who are interested in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week “Russian Edition”; Russian Fashion week for  the fall winter 2014/2015 is going to take place from March 27th until April 1st 2014, in Moscow (at”Manezh” (Manezh Square, 1).- up to 70+ designers are going to take part in the event, expect to see fashion shows fromIgor Guylaev, Dasha Gauser,  and Yasya Minochkina – to name a few.


  Da Matryoshka’s, I will dedicate a few posts here and there about the week long event.

– Zaychishka


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