TBT: Ulyana Sergeenko’s Russian Red Flower


It’s almost friday, and I’m choosing to celebrate with a throw back thursday post featuring the lovely Ulyana Sergeenko, and a red flower. All eyes fell on Ulyana when Tommy Ton snapped a photo of the czarina back in October 2011- envision this; Ulyana was wearing an iconic Louis Vuitton and Richard Prince nurse ensemble, in the image she was captured looking at herself through a gilded mirror (I included the pic in case your curiosity’s been peaked). –

UlyanaSergeenkoLouisVuittonTaken by Tommy Ton, October 2011 Lv+ Richard Prince Nurse Ensemble

Ulyana Sergeenko is known for her theatrical soviet style dress, piercing blue eyes and trademark red lips- she’s truly the most regal out of the Russian Fashion Pack. What I love most about her is that no one can seem to rival her fashion sense. After the Jill Sander show from Milan Fashion Week, 2013; Ulyana wore an outfit that complimented her bright red lips, entrancing street photographers with her bold red flower accessory, which she hid behind for photo-ops. Out of all of her outfits, this has to be one of my favourite looks of her (it’s the flower that sold me), I’ll let the images speak for themselves.


“Getting dressed is more about current mood than planning. I try to wear the designers’ clothes to their shows, as it is a matter of politesse -Ulyana Sergeenko”



Which Ulyana look have you fallen for?


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